Friday, May 5, 2017


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call me a late bloomer, but i actually just found out about Althea box.
what's really unique from this boxes is that each of their box has different themes and inside the box is usually contains with 6-7 full size items. one of these box cost around IDR 300.000-450.000 each.
this is not a subscription box that you can't see what inside the box, you can actually see what inside the box and choose which box's items suit your need.

"Dreaming of green and yellow" box basically contains green and yellow beauty products. 
there is a total 7 full size products inside the box.


I heard lots of good reviews about this brand, but being in Indonesia, there is almost nowhere to buy it here, so i was quite excited to give this product a try.
I personally never use primer in my life, so i was quite skeptic that i will use this product for long period.
but boy do this primer do magic to my skin! not only it blur my blemishes but also blurs the appearance of my pore! 
definitely going to be my must item if i want to put a full make up on.
my skin is an oily combination and this primer doesn't add any extra oil on my skin even after i put another layer of BB cushion cream.
i actually don't know how to properly use primer. do you suppose to use this all over the face or just part of it. i personally only use this primer just on my blemish/redden part on my face and it really stay for a long time covering my problem part.
before---> after

This is a non color loose powder dedicated itself to blur the appearance of pore and fine lines, but at the same time controlling the sebum access.
size matter, just like any other pore care powder, its way smaller than the one i normally use, which is 3W CLINIC PROFESSIONAL.
this loose powder got a fruity smell to it, slightly smell like green apple or orange. the smell not too overpoweringly strong though.
what i hate from this loose powder is that it highlighting the crack of my dry skin around my mouth. probably i should only wear it around my T zone and not all my face.
their effect on sebum controlling is quite long, i use it everyday from morning to night and my skin doesn't become shiny and less oilier.

this cleansing foam is suppose to contain green tea extract and hyaluronic acid.
green tea has plenty of antioxidant benefit of anti aging and hyaluronic acid for plump and hydrated skin.
this cleanser really do not drying after using it, instead i feel my skin become plump and brighten.

This is a two separate mask for your T zone and U zone.
the T zone mask is for pore cleansing care and U zone for moisture wrap care, its perfect for oily combination skin like myself.
you can use both of the mask at the same time or separate time.
i'm gonna keep this mask and using it at the right time.


One of the reason i bought this box is because i want this patch so bad!!
i really like gel type eye patch because its not runny and stick to your eyes even when your looking down.
as for the eye patch effect, it stated to have a great hydration effect for wrinkle and cooling sensation.
after using this pack for two times, i do feel that the cooling sensation is great for my tired eyes, as for the anti wrinkle it haven't show any effect and also no effect for dark circle too.
and the spot patch, i hear it was great for minimizing pore appearance and redness before putting on make up.
for me not only the spot patch minimizing pore and minimize redness on my face but also control sebum quality around my nose area.

definitely one of the must have item.
it smells heavenly of pineapple yogurt! the texture is quite runny.
the problem with this mask is that i can feel a slight tingle when i put it on. i know that pineapple as a high density of acid and really good for peeling, but i don't think its suitable for sensitive skin (just my thought)
you just need to apply a little bit on your skin and leave it for 20 minutes tops.
the weird thing is, when i wash it with water, the texture becomes similar to slime and really hard to come off, i personally use cleansing foam to rid all of the remaining mask.
FYI.. i tried to poke my blackhead and whitehead after using this mask and is become so much easier for the blackhead and whitehead to come out!
definitely gonna repurchase this item.

this is a really unique mask, the other reason why i bought this box is because i'm so curious about this gold mask.
but.... i'm going to keep it for a while because it so precious to me!
as for the usefulness of this mask, it says that this mask made from skin gel sheet that have an excellence absorption power. the gold pattern also help this mask to easily absorb into skin while not letting it to evaporate quickly.
this mask contain adenosine that provide skin elasticity, egg yolk for skin nutrition and pore care, camellia oil for radiance and royal jelly for anti aging and soothing sensitive skin.
really looking forwards to use this skin, but i have to wait the perfect time as not to waste this mask.

so that all the items on this "dreaming of green and yellow" althea box
i can't wait to see other boxes that althea will launch each month

click the link below to get welcome discount if you new to althea
Ansun Building
213, Yeongdong-daero
Seoul, Korea

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