Monday, May 5, 2014

poetre spa branch puri indah

home page of the website
ok, before i start this review, i was actually really disappointed with this spa, considering there's a lot of promotions online for this spa brand and their website is actually quite cute and the treatment is also a bit pricey, in fact the actual place is sooooooo ordinary and a bit neglected. Me and my friend was really bumped and think the price with the treatment they gave us is not worthed.

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120 minutes spa package/Rp 250,000
so both me and my friend chose the 2 hours treatments. on their website the spa packages looks really tempting, before booking the appointment me and my friend decide to choose the chocolate berry and tea addict packages. at first we want to go to their branch in mediteranian central park, but it was fully booked so we booked at their branch in puri indah.

spa package on the web that they offer
after arriving at the place, its really hit me that the place looks exactly like a small homey hair salon. Its small and dark, when i ask to go to the toilet, they didn't show me where the toilet is, just point at me where the toilet is. the corridor is really dark and the light switch is inside the dark toilet, so i have to feel my hand on the wall till i found the light switch.

after that, they gave us a spa menu book for us to choose, and actually the spa packages written on the menu with the one on the website is different. the 2 hours package on the menu, they told us that we could choose either we want to have the body steam/bath/wrap included on the treatment, and we can choose the body scrub (i could only remember milk/chocolate/ green tea ) and also the body mask ( i think its jasmine/milk/chocolate).

to try it first, me and my friend decided to have the treatment that consist the massage- body scrub- body mask. we were lead to the second floor for our treatments. the room is only divided by a curtain, no door. they did gave us a shower cap for our hair and "kemben" for us to wear when we changing. the room quite clean, the aromatherapy filled the air of the room and there's a soothing background music accompanied us.

one thing that really pleased me is the skill of the therapist, but thats all. other things is really just a standard quality.

will i come back again, maybe if they have a promotion online that will reduce the price to below Rp 100,000, but for me to come and pay for the full price? maybe not. i better go to other budget spa place that have better surrounding with cheaper price.

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