Saturday, May 13, 2017


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this is my very first sociolla box from my one year's subscription and i've been really looking forward to open and see what they got inside.
as for this May box i was quite disappointed because there is no single makeup product inside, this month box quote is "beautiful glowing skin is basis(basic?) to any look".
in the other words, all the products in this box is focusing on giving you a better skin texture quality to achieve perfect looks on any style of make up, that's what i get from the quote.

anyway.. lets have a look at each of the products on this box

i'm so happy that i actually got a hair vinegar rinse from this sociolla box! 
i actually been looking for a hair vinegar lately because it was said that hair vinegar is really good at repairing dull looking hair even better that hair mask.
its also hustle free just use it as a replacement of hair conditioner.
and the smell, it doesn't stink like normal vinegar, its smell so sweet of raspberry.
how to use
after shampoo, use it all over your hair from your scalp to the end of your hair.
you don't have to leave it for 1 minutes like a hair conditioner
rinse thoroughly till all the remain vinegar clean
read more here

utama spice is a local beauty company based in Bali and they stated that all their products is 100% natural.
coconut oil has become one of the product that i use if my body feels so dry and cracked. this coconut oil really absorbs fast into your skin and give a glowing effect all over your body.
i also use it for my hair at night to calm my bristle hair.
i think you could also use this oil as and aromatherapy in your room.
i haven't use it for my face because basically i have an oily skin and afraid if i use an oily type moisturizer i will have a skin break out.
how it smell? of course it smell coconut duh~~
how to use:
small drops is enough for large area
don't over use it otherwise it might feels greasy and uncomfortable 

this cottage shower gel has promotes that their products can makes your skin soft enough to eat.
that's a bit scary i think, but well the point is that this shower gel is not drying your skin but instead cleansing and moisturizing your skin at the same time.
i will keep this product as my traveling item because its small and compact.
as for the smell, the smell of vanilla is too sweet for my taste, but still bearable.

truthfully, i've been using the full size water sleeping mask myself, and you could see my separate post for this product here.

so that's it for this month sociolla box, as for the quote of this month, i think they did prepare products that makes you glowing from tops to bottom (hair,body and face).
i hope you enjoy reading this post and help you decide whether you want to subscript this box or not.
is it worthed for me?
for this month box i guess its an OK, still looking forwards to receive a better products from this sociolla box next month. makeup products please!!
PT Social Bella Indonesia
Grand Aries Niaga
Jalan Taman Aries Blok E1/2Q Jakarta Barat

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