Saturday, May 13, 2017


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this sleeping mask currently become one of the most wanted products from laneige.
I've been eyeing and wanting to buy this mask for a long time but the price in Jakarta is quite pricey, it cost around IDR 400.000.
i have an oily combination skin and afraid that this mask will not suit my skin type because of the moisturizing effect this mask has. it does stated that this mask is for all type of skin condition ,but i still have my doubt to it.
one of my friend keep saying that after she use this mask, it doesn't have any heavy feeling to it and really do wonder to her skin, her skin becomes so soft the next morning after that.
after much consideration, i finally make an attempt to try this mask and felt in love after the first use of it.
they provide a spatula for hygienic use in the box. 
even though the texture of the mask quite dense, but after applying it to skin it become slight watery with cooling sensation, it absorb really fast into the skin and not leaving any sticky feeling. really refreshing feeling that jump start my tired skin.
it also advertised that smelling the mask also have a stress reliever effect to it. as for the mask's fragrant i can't really decide whether its fruity or flowery. the smell of it is not too powerful. 
what's really surprised me, this mask doesn't make my skin oilier  the morning after but instead my face stay matted without drying my skin.  how i wish i could use it at noon...
other surprising thing is that after using this mask daily(yes i use it almost every nights) my pore appearance become smaller and smoother.
but, it doesn't do justice to my blemish skin, it just stay there until it heal itself.
this mask really is a must item to have on your beauty treatments!
after having a good result with this laneige mask, i started to consider using the other products from this brand. stay tune for other laneige products that i might post!
that's it for now, cheers!

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