Friday, April 14, 2017


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recently i've been really into subscription box, and living in Indonesia, i realized how hard it is to find local subscription box. (maybe i should make my own subscription box and sell it in Indonesia sigh..)
its really annoying to subscribe from foreign country because i always need to pay for their post taxes etc. 
after done quite a (meaningless) research on google, i manage to found out one of the local subscription box that picked my interest which is TADABOX.
TADABOX subscription box's plan varies from 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. prices starts from IDR 200.000 to 230.000. they also divides their boxes through gender, so manly guys.. don't be afraid to upsetly open your box and receive a lipstick inside.

TADABOX just launched their first subscription box on 2016, and as far as i watch their past boxes, the item on their boxes never let down their customers. so here i am receiving my very first virgin TADABOX and so excited to rip it open.

each month their boxes contain 5 different items varies from beauty products, fashion items, snacks, must have items and take a break items. their boxes also has different themes each month.

what i subscribed:
6 months plan (IDR 1.200.000) + mystery item (IDR 49.900)

and here is this April's theme :


smooth as silk lotion bar
(hold me tight)

this is actually one of the soap corner's product, you can check their web here. the soap corner is a local indonesia beauty company, and all their products is hand made and 100% natural.
unlike any other lotion that is in form of liquid, this lotion bar is much more firmer and you can pick the whole lotion off their container and rub it directly to your skin, just like using a soap bar.
the after feel of the lotion slightly similar to body butter, its really moisturized my dry skin. as for the smell, gladly it not over the top with sweetness as per theme, but slight shea butter fragrant with i can bear.

sparkling lip sugar scrub
(choco mint)

truthfully, i don't really understand what's really is sparkling from this product. its just a normal sugar scrub with minty choco smell.
i know that sugar is a really good natural scrub material, so i'm OK with this product.
whats really fun from natural ingredient is that its ok to eat/swallow the product.
after scrubbing it all over my lips, i actually licked the remaining scrub off. its actually a good replacement for my snack (just kidding~)


its been a long time since i eat sweets on stick and it do bring a nostalgic feeling to it.
for now, i don't have a heart to eat it, so i just leave it as a decoration for now.


the april box doesn't has any of the OOTD's item, but as the replacement they did gives two beauty products on the box.


its a cute little tin box and you could use it for anything, as for me i haven't decide how to use it and remain as a decoration on my table.


i personally is a fan of ikea's candles, and surprise~ surprise~ i got berries candle which is one of my favorite candle from ikea. good on you TADABOX.


(updated 25 april 2017; turns out that the pouch is not "the" mystery item, it actually part of the "bite off" item, and guess what... the LIP SCRUB is actually IS the mystery item,,, LOL...)

that's it for april box, i can't wait to receive the other 5 box each month, i do hope that TADABOX maintains their selection of products inside their box because i actually drooling when i see their january box and wishing that i could get something like that in the future.
finger cross!


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