Tuesday, July 18, 2017


If you are on budget while visiting Bali but want to have a fulfilling and tasty foods while you are in here, i do recommend you to pay a visit at this humble eatery at kuta area called Warung Makan Nikmat.
they open early from 7 am and mostly sold out around 7 pm.
this eatery not particularly serving balinese foods but more to the javanese foods which is halal for muslim people.
 not only that their foods is great in price and taste, their place is also more clean and hygienic compare to other"warteg" style eatery in Bali.
their have a large variation of foods that you could choose. what you need to do is go to the food counter and point out what you want to eat.
their food prices varies from IDR 5.000 to 10.000 each
vegetables, fried foods, intestines and meats they have it all.
all the dishes has quite strong taste of spices and are means to be eaten with white rice.
here is the foods that me and my family ordered, everything taste delicious and fresh, no complain whatsoever.

Total cost IDR 18.000 including rice
spiced chicken gulai
 the chicken is spiced mildly that most of westerner could enjoy without torturing themself. i chose the chicken leg because the meat is tend to be more moist and juicy.
perkedel is indonesian style of mash potato; it was mixed with corned beef and scallion, coat it with white egg and deep fried in high heat.
the perkedel is fragrants and savory, i can't get enough of this little devil!
chili eggplants
their eggplants is also yummy! the texture is soft and well cooked, the spiciness actually quite addicting because you want to keep eating it.
Total cost IDR 65.000 including rice
spiced grilled chicken
eventhough it looks quite charred, the chicken meat is actually taste tender.
the chicken is fragrants and spicy at the same time.
rendang is a spicy slow cooked beef stew in the coconut milk. they cooked the beef till the soup is thick and the meat tender.
eating it with rice will makes the saltiness and spicyness more mild.    
curry egg
i could tell that their curry egg is cooked slowly because the curry flavor penetrate deeply into the egg.
sate lilit ikan (fish satay)
this is the only dish that is actually come from Bali.
their sate lilit doesn't smell fishy at all because they mixed it with plenty of spices.
chicken satay
their chicken satay also doesn't disappointing, it well spiced and tender to the mouth.
deep fried tofu
as for their deep fried tofu, it taste mediocre compare to other dishes they have.
Total cost IDR 28.000 including rice
deep fried fish
they use mackerel fish for this dish. it was fried till crispy and golden. taste wise it season well and not soggy to the taste.
sayur lodeh
sayur lodeh is a soupy vegetables cooked with coconut milk. normally contains small cubes of tempeh, tofu, cabbage and green beans.
it was cooked till it soft. 
it tastes savoury and a bit spicy with a hint of coconuts.
chili tempeh
 the tempeh is fried with chili paste till its crunchy.
it tastes sweet and spicy at the same time.
the omelette is plain without any filling to it.
the texture is quite dense and slightly salty.
boiled green vegetable
i forgot what is the vegie is, i think its either casava's leaf or kale.
the veggie is soft and easy to chew. it actually a perfect dish to ease spicy taste of other dishes.
sate lilit ikan (fish satay)
no need to mention dish again because i already mention it at the above plate.

so that is all the foods that my family devour during our visit here, after all we left with a very full stomach but still doesn't hurt the condition of our wallet.
DO pay a visit here, you would never regret it!

Jl. Bakung Sari, Gang Biduri, Kuta, Bali
0361 764678


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  12. Warung Nikmat is one of the few halal restaurants in Bali. ... quite elusive in Kuta, Warung Makan “Nikmat” is an ideal place to satisfy that crave.

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