Monday, July 17, 2017


This month Tadabox is finally here~~
how exciting it is that this month Tadabox created an Alice in wonderland's theme box! not to mention that i'm a disney fanatic and yes! i love alice!

so without further ado and no more nonsense chit chat, lets have a look at this wonderland's theme box

hand cream
 this hand cream is really hydrating without leaving any oily or greasy feeling when applied.
as for the fragrants, i don't find it to smell like avocado, instead it smells flowery/ fruity that really refreshing. not too sweet at all which what i prefer for lotion or parfume to smell like.

the cookies is to cute to be eaten! 
i think this butter cookies will be perfect for tea or coffee dunking (excuse my British habit)
i got the drink me and chest board pattern cookies, which one do you guys got? 

quite a nice and soft colour twilly pattern that i got.
i could use it as a hand bag protector, a necktie or just use it as a cute bandana, you name it.
the material also feels so soft to the skin.

(kitty hair band)
and another cute bandana was given as OOTD item in this month box!
i was actually eyeing this cat ear bandana by etude house for a long time, but can't decide whether to buy it or not.
how lucky am i that i got it from Tadabox!!!
your the best!

this month Tadabox really are being generous!
not only that they gives two OOTD items, they also gives another two of MUST HAVE items.
the first one is this flower pattern teacup complete with a matching saucer and a complimentary tea bag..
and another item is this

(drink me)
this air freshener is so small and cute you could use it as a table decoration or even car freshener that you could hang or simply toss it somewhere in the car.
it gives a mellow artificial fragrant that smells like typical car freshener!

afterall...this month Tadabox really go beyond all my expectation for being so generous and creative on July box.
they really do try their best to please their clients and keep things exciting that makes me decide to continue subscribing this monthly box.
you really did it Tadabox! 
best indonesian subscription ever~~

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