Sunday, May 21, 2017


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this is another one of Althea box that catch  my attention, i could say that this is the "have it all" box because it contains with skincare and makeup products.
without further ado lets check out each of the products inside the box

the real problem i encounter from this product is there is no english instruction whatsoever, even on the althea box definition, there really is no slight information on how to use this product.
google it? done! still no clue at all
google translate it? done! really bad english translation!
but at least i get the point on how to use it ( i think) and this is how i think it suppose to be use
how to use:
after cleansing, put an appropriate amount on your face
leave it for 10-15 minutes
after that, gently scrub your face with lukewarm water
clean the remaining scrub off your face
the texture of the mask is sticky, when applying it to my face it feels slightly warm to the skin.
there's no significant scent coming from the mask.
i think this scrub mask really have a high density of moisture coming from the honey, after washing the mask off, my skin still feels a bit sticky even after washing it with cleanser.
apart from all the stickyness, this mask  did makes my skin becomes so soft and hydrated.

one of the reason i bought this box is because i'm really curious about this product.
this is a mild type of exfoliation serum that cleanse the dirt and dead skin to boost the absorption of any skincares use after.  
i've been using it for a week and i do notice that after putting this product my skin care do absorbs 
how to use:
dispense it on facial cotton then wipe your skin gently 
no need to wash it off

 i've been hearing about this brand lately, Whamisa is a korean beauty brand focusing on fermentation in their skin care products to increase absorption of the product into your skin.
it have a citrusy scent to it and when applying it to my face the toner feels slightly gel like.
eventhough the toner has quite a thick texture, it absorbs pretty fast to the skin leaving a soft feeling to it.
this toner stated to have a deep moisturizing agent to create a younger and healthy looking skin.

 actually i thought that this cushion color is not gonna suit my skin color because normally i use a natural beige color cushion.
surprisingly it actually blends well into my skin tone.
this cushion promotes to give and lock moisture on your face to give a healthy glowing and dewy looks.
i have a really oily skin and thought this cushion will double up the oil production on my face. but actually its not! this cushion maintain the moisture on my face and create enough dewiness on the skin.
coverage is quite sheer, still need to use concealer for my problem area to cover it.
love the color!
i personally never use any other eye shadow color apart from brown colors.
 i could use it as daily makeup because the eye shadow color is quite sheer when applied to my eye lids.
 it blended quite well with my skin color. this eye shadow have a hint of shimmer giving a lively looks on my eyes. it will be perfect for traveling due to it small size.

i personally have a really cracked and dry lips and using a water type lip tint making my lips look even worse. especially a red color one, it makes my lips look bleeding and highlighting the dryness of my lips.
claiming to be water gel type which has a denser texture that the water one, i thought that it will absorb and at least moisten my dry lips.but it still doesn't do justice to my lips, it does leaving a bleeding and cracked look on my lips.
the color also doesn't suit my skin color. i personally i have a really small lips, and wearing a too deep red color lipstick or tint, it really highlight the smallness of my lips.
the blush comes with tiny brush underneath it, another compact makeup for traveling~
 i don't normally use blush because the skin around my cheek bone area is naturally red.
the first time i tried this blush, i think the color is way to dark for my skin, but after blending it out, it turns out to be perfect for hangover makeup. i do look drunk right? (LOL)
maybe you can't really see the color of the blush on the picture, but let me tell you, in real world it really are pigmented. just need to use a little bit and it could cover one whole cheekbone.

so that's it from "get ready with me" Althea box.
 fiuh.... quite a long post right...
i did try all the item in the box on one go and each of the items really do compliments each others to create a better looking skin.
the skin cares on the box is a top notch batch and their makeup products also usable for daily looks.
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Seoul, Korea

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