Sunday, May 21, 2017


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I've been raving about LANEIGE lately after a personal successful story from their water sleeping mask, if you interested on reading it please click here
I do roam and search for other Laneige products that might suit my skin problem, one of it is my acute dark circle eyes.

Laneige white plus renew eye cream stated that this product will brighten and smoothing the skin around eye areas.
i personally have been trying plenty of the eye creams that cure dark circle and still haven't found the right one that really works, so i was quite skeptical about this product to works.
 this product comes with a built in applicator, just squish the tube lightly till the cream comes out then apply it to your under eye areas directly.
the cold sensation coming from the metal applicator feels quite refreshing.
the creamy lotion is not white, but slightly skin tone color with a little bit of shimmer.
it do blends well into my skin color but the absorption is a bit slow due to its thick texture.
 but after a few seconds it didn't leave any sticky feeling around the area applied.

i've been using it almost a month and didn't realize any of significant change until one of my friend said that my skin looking better and the appearances of my dark circle is less haunting.
so i guess this product really is working!
i think i might continue using this product and see how it progress further.

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