Wednesday, August 16, 2017


I personally doesn't really like indonesian peranakan food that involving bakmie, kwetiau or bihun.
call me weird, i know that most of you maybe can't live without eating bakmie in the morning as a breakfast and fried kwetiau/bihun for dinner.
it just my personal taste that i find the above foods is boring and less appetizing.
the first time i got introduce to Bakso Akiaw 99 is from my friends that has a Medanese background.
they said that the bihun (rice vermicelli) combine with their beef soup is to die for.
i was half halfheartedly drag to this place and force to join the line up. yes something there's a long queue line just to get a sit in this place.
do keep it in mind that the shop open from 3 pm to 12 am and not from early morning. their place doesn't have air-con on just a mere fans. it could be hot eating here when the sun still up.
general bihun either its fried or boiled normally taste dry in my throat. when the food arrived at our table i was thinking that i just eat for a few bits just to give face to my friends, but once i taste the bihun after splashing a few of the soup i was shock that it doesn't taste dry at all. 
it actually past my throat quite smoothly and the soup really giving the bihun an appropriate saltyness to it.
one thing that i really like is their fried garlic, you suppose to mixed it with the bihun, i recommend you to use all the fried garlic they gives you. because the garlic also gives the bihun a crunchy and fragrant taste.
i was ended up finishing a whole bowl of bihun and beef soup. i actually shock myself!
for the beef soup, they also very generous on giving a large portion of the meat. the meat is slightly chewy to my taste and the real hero really is the bihun and the soup.

one bowl of bihun with a meaty soup cost me IDR 50.000. quite pricey but worthed.

apart from bihun, you could also choose egg noodle or kwetiau (flat vermicelli). they also have other choices for the beef soup, either you want a mixed of meatball, tendon, intestine and sliced meat. or just one type of the meat. 

opens 15.00-00.00
Jl. Mangga Besar Raya, Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta
021 6291419


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