Wednesday, October 25, 2017


I don't really know that the exact name of this ramen shop in english, but if you google the japanese character on google map, you will definitely find this place.
Located at the back of sensoji temple, and a walk away from Khaosan origami hostel.
This ramen shop is recommended by my hostel staffs, they actually pointed out few others ramen shops but my friend and i just have a good feeling about this place.

The first impression when we arrive at the front entrance is confuse. is it really a ramen shop or a small machinery workshop. the machine that they displaying at their front entrance is actually a ramen making machine, so yes.. you could bet that their ramen noodle is different from any other shops.
The size of their shop is decently small, only four tables large enough for four peoples and counter table for six peoples to sit together.

I could definitely says that this shop caters mainly for locals not for tourist, and one fact that i could tell that their food is good is that there's plenty of construction worker and housewives eating here.
 basically its a local favourite shop right? just my guess though.

Do ask for English menu, they actually have the menu with large picture in it.

For their ramen you could actually choose what type and flavour of the noodles. they have a plain,  chili and green tea/matcha noodles.
 (credit pic tablelog)

the also have varieties of soup base like shio, miso, spicy miso etc.
 Being a chili lover, of course i chose their spicy soup base completed with their chili noodles.

this restaurant actually really famous for their tsukemen. tsukemen is a dry ramen served with a dipping soup and perfect for summer day.
i came during autumn time so i prefer their steaming hot ramen for the day.

Their ramen price ranges from 800-1000 yen depends on what type of ramen you order.

looking at the ramen appearance it do looks intimidatingly spicy, but actually after a first slurp.. i don't feel any heat from the chili. ITS NOT SPICY AT ALL! (for me though). but apart from being not spicy, the soup actually taste good and addicting, their thick noodles has texture like udon, its chewy and their cha siu being so thickly slice its actually really tender and juicy!
the portion also quite big for me.

Apart from the really good ramen, one thing you should try is their kaarage chicken, its basically a deep fried chicken wings, but i don't know that they use in their batter because their kaarage taste HEAVENLY!!!
its crunchy, juicy and savoury that one karaage is never enough, never!
For the karaage, they sell it per pieces, one piece of kaarage cost me a hundred yen. 

 (つけ麺工房 浅草製麺所) 
6-9-4 Asakusa Taito Tokyo
Operating hours


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