Monday, June 1, 2015

Traveling Japan: magical time at universal studios osaka day 2


Today we will be spending a whole day at Universal Studios Japan.
USJ operating hours is from 09.00 to 19.00 every day.

The weather that day really not a perfect day to visit a theme park, it was windy and rains for a few times. But it was our full last day in Osaka, and we have no choice but to go that day.

After we arrived at the USJ Station, the wind got really unbearable and it was starting to rain again. So while waiting for the rain to calm down, we went to Family Mart around there and had something to eat first.

Before you go to USJ, you should plan what you really want to see, because USJ is really massive, and the queue on each attraction, especially the famous one, will takes you around 2 hours.

 Our main goal on USJ is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The first thing you need to do if you want to enter the Harry Potter World is to run to their ticketing machine. You could see where to go on your brochure map and board sign around the area.

choose what time you want to enter it and you set to go.

Ok! the first time i saw weasleys flying car... i freak!!

the details is superb, there's even a sound effect on the car.

but the excitement is not yet begins, when we walked ahead, we arrived at Hogsmead, with hogwart's train near the entrance. i literary so excited that i can't stopped smiling.

The first thing you need to try is their butterbeer, they sell it either hot or cold.  Even though the weather cold and windy already, me and my friend still think that the cold butterbeer taste better.

 There's plenty to see, try and touch. words really can't describe it, how detail and real the surroundings is. so let the pictures (once again) do the justice.


And yes! you can buy and choose your wards at The Ollivanders!
There also a complete wands sample at the shop, and you can try and choose which one really suitable to your hand. how exciting is that!

We actually planning to go and eat at the tree broomstick, but due to the rains, it was really pack and we decided to skip it.

After went of from the Harry Potter World, we went to the Jurassic park area and have a try at their famous turkey legs.

One leg is enough to make us full, and it taste really good too. 

One thing that you need to visit at the USJ beside Harry Potter World is their Backdrop roller coaster. 
Backdrop roller coaster is literary a roller coaster that goes backwards. if you an adrenaline junkie, you really want to try this. you can't really see where your going because it goes backward, its really really fun!

Then we encounter with the minions, they were so cute always jumping and wiggling around. It was a must to take a picture with them.

I recommend you to try their minions steambuns. its not only looks really cute, but also taste yummy, especially when the weather is so cold. 


The rain is not stopping at all and as its get dark, its getting colder and windier. we basically just roaming around from places to places. trying any attractions that doesn't really have a long queue.

Taking lots of pictures, while avoiding the rain.  

It was along day, eventhough the weather is not friendly that day, it still was a blast. Once again thank you USJ.

After that we went to Dotonbori to have a dinner there. Its sushi time!!

train ticket to USJ                                :   160 YEN
Food & drinks at Family mart             :   700 YEN
USJ ticket                                            :7.200 YEN
Minion steambun                                 :   400 YEN
Turkey leg                                            :   800 YEN
Train ticket to Namba                          :   360 YEN
6 plates of sushi at dotonbori               :   600 YEN 
Train back to fukushima                      :   320 YEN   
TOTAL                                                :10,549 YEN


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