Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I believe Base Base restaurant just open for bussines on 2017.
this authentic Balinese restaurant is located at Samasta Lifestyle Village complex , Jimbaran.
there is only a few people eating here when i visited this restaurant and that makes me think about their food's quality.
the restaurant has a more modern ambiance rather than typical traditional resto in Bali.

Base Base stated that they serving an authentic home style Balinese cuisines. apart from their traditional main dishes, they also serves traditional drinks and desserts.

nasi campur ayam (chicken)
IDR 55.000
one dish that catch my attention visually and the rest of my family is their chicken nasi campur. they also has pork nasi campur, but i decided to try their chicken one.
their price also cheaper than what i expected it to be. being inside a new trending mall near uluwatu, i thought their price will be around IDR75.000/dish
this nasi campur contains; one chicken satay, one sate lilit ( i don't know whether they use fish or chicken because they minced the meat till it soft), a portion of pulled chicken meat, half of egg, chili fried tempeh, veggies and two kind of chilies (sambal matah (scallot + chilly) and tomato chili paste that taste like a spicier version of salsa sauce.
the food is actually really great!
i was shock that not many people know this new restaurant.
the pulled chicken didn't taste dry at all instead its really moist and juicy.
the chilies is great, its fragrant and not that spicy.
the tempeh is sweet and crunchy, and the veggies is well balances with spices.
we devour the entire plate without leaving any leftover.

Balinese pancake
IDR 35.000
after a great main dish, we decided to try their traditional Balinese dessert.
This Balinese pancake is a banana filling pandan crepe serve with shredded coconut.
the banana texture is denser than typical normal banana, i'm guessing that instead of normal banana they use plaintain as the filling.
taste wise, the banana is not that sweet and i'm loving the texture of the banana.

Pisang rai
IDR 20.000
pisang rai is a steamed banana inside pandan dough that rolled in shredded coconut, it also serves with balinese palm sugar dipping.
the banana texture is softer and stickier than their banana pancake.
the dough is also sticky and fragrant with pandan and their banana is sweet enough you probably don't need the dipping
i actually get used to javanese palm sugar taste and this balinese palm sugar taste a bit weird for me, its salty?
i personally prefer the javanese one, i'm sorry..
but apart from the dipping, i'm loving the banana taste and the fragrant of the coconut.

 Jaje batun bedil
IDR 15.000
last and not least is this Jaje batun bedil, i have no idea of what "Jaje batun bedil" means but basically its a plain boiled dough serves in balinese palm sugar soup with shredded coconut sprinkles.
this dessert is way too sweet for my palate and i don't like the taste of their palm sugar. so this dish is a no for me.
but for kids, they probably like it. 

overall, i will definitely come here again to try their other main dishes and their dessert that contains banana. 
compare to other restaurant in Samasta, i do prefer this restaurant than any other restos that serves western or non traditional dish in Bali.

Samasta Lifestyle Village, Jl. Wanagiri No. 10, Jimbaran, Bali
0361 4468636

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  1. It such a nice interior. I hope a great food too. its look awesome .
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