Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Located at the heart of Seminyak bustling street, Mykonos is a greek restaurants that stated to serves the best lamb in Bali.
apart from their lamb, there's plenty of other greek style dishes ready to be choosen.
i will not talk about their decor and ambiance because the dishes really is the main reason i come here.

i did order lots of their dishes variation from appetizer and main, but i only going to talk about the dishes that i truly likes.

Fried Feta 
IDR 60.000
A fried feta cheese wrapped in a pastry dough and serves with cranberry sauce.
you really need to try this dish, its fragrants, crunchy and addictive. once you eat it, you really can't stop eating this little devil. The feta cheese inside is slightly melted and dipping it in the cranberry sauce gives it a fresh note to it.

Chicken ragout
IDR 80.000
This dish will be perfect for asian people that looks for a rice dish in this restaurant.
the portion is quite big and really could fill your hungry tummy.
taste wise, even though it said to contains chilly in it, i didn't taste any spicy note from this dish.
the chicken is soft and juicy and the curry has a similar texture as a stew, it has a mild savoury taste to it.
there's actually olive fruit inside the stew that some local indonesian might don't like it.

Gyros pizza (chicken)
IDR 85.000
surprisingly, their pizza is really good. the pizza sauce with the yogurt on top really hit the right spot.
the pizza bread also thin and soft, its really easy on the mouth, i could be satisfied just by eating this yummy pizza by myself and didn't order anything else.
most of all the chicken meat is soft and juicy, it doesn't taste dry at all.

Kebab lamb
IDR 175.000
Absolutely fantastic, really are the best lamb in Bali just like they stated.
the lamb didn't smell and the meat is juicy, i wish they put more skewers on one portion.
the meat is well seasoned and you could eat it without dipping it on the sauce.
their potato also well seasoned and plenty, i actually got full just by eating the potato it self.

definitely a pleasure eating here.
 for a meat or lamb lover i will definitely recommends this place to them.

Jl. Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Bali 
0361 733253

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