Thursday, May 25, 2017


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its been ages since my last spa post! 2 years?
why is there no new post on my spa page?
its because this past few years i've been going to the same spa places as my previous post
other than that i also tried other massage places but i think its not worthy to be post.

finally i found another "hidden" gem for spa treatment, and its called nest family reflexology and spa (fiuuh,, thats long)
this place actually really close to my place but one of my friend had tried this place (not their spa though, just their reflexology massage) and had a really bad time there.
she said that the therapist is so corrupted with their time management, and when the therapist thought she was asleep they didn't put pressure on their massage. so my friend had to go "ehmm..ehmm.." and they start putting pressure on their massage.

ok...enough with my friend bad experience and focus more on mine.
i was quite doubtful to come here, but after seeing a great review from tripadvisor for their spa treatment, i thought that i could give it a try.
first impression when i arrived here, this place do looks clean and their decor is quite basic i think.
the reception's staff is nice and friendly.

their spa treatments price ranges from IDR 130.000 to IDR 450.000, you do need to phone book their spa treatment before coming.
this month (May) they have a 10% discount for all their spa treatments.
i love bathing, but i was not convince with their bathtub picture on their web so i picked their "REFRESHING 3"spa package (IDR 285.000 before discount) which consist with 90 minutes of traditional massage and 30 minutes body scrub.
after waiting for a while i was lead to the second floor. their first floor is for reflexology massage with plush sofas lining up everywhere.
the place is quite dark to give privacy for each customer i guess.
the spa treatment room quite big, it contains with two bed and big brand new bathtub (the bathtub didn't look like the one in their web!! they should renew their web to convince people!!)
the therapist gave me paper underwear to change and leave me for a while, she did come and go while i was changing but i don't mind.

the treatment start with a foot bath and straight to massage. let me tell you, if you want to have a strong pressure therapist for your spa treatment, do come here! 
they do have the most strong pressure therapist so far from my experience. of course you could ask them to slow down a bit, but when you ask for harder pressure, they do it with all their heart! but of course in a good way.
my therapist is so thorough with her massage that she focused on each of my tense muscle diligently. she even ask me to sitting position so she could loosen my tense shoulders.
thank you mbak! ( i forgot to ask her name..)

 after the massage is done, next is body scrub.
they didn't ask me what scrub do i like, but just go with whatever they have in stock.
the scrub they used for me has a refreshing smell to it, fruity type, i think its mango?
this scrubbing season also surprise me, my therapist also so thorough with the scrubbing!
she even scrubbed each one of my 20 fingers (hands and feets), focusing on the knuckle.
i was so upset that i didn't ask her name, she is one of the therapist that really put a heart on her job.

after that all the scrubbing, she let me shower on the bathtub, the water temperature is hot enough for me but the length of the shower hose is short. i am a short girl and the hose didn't come up to my ear. so i have to squat while showering. 
oh! they also provide herbal drinks or tea before and after treatment. i personally love to drink ginger water after treatment. 

 after all it was a great experience. definitely going to come here again base on their price and treatment quality. i do hope that all their therapist is as good as the one they gave me today.
keep up the good work NEST
(*NOTE: sorry guys for all the picture being not in the best qualities because i took it discreetly without wanting anyone to notice)
Jl. Danau Sunter Utara Raya Blok D1 No. 8, Tanjung Priok, RT.5/RW.18, Sunter Agung, Tj. Priok, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14350

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