Sunday, May 28, 2017


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After their successful product line of "water bank" series, Laneige launched their new skin care product called "white dew" series.
This "white dew" series stated that their products not only moisturizing but also has a strong whitening effect that improves the appearance of dark spot and uneven skin tone (yellowish and reddish).
I decided to bought this white dew original ampoule essence set after a personal successful story of using their white plus renew eye cream, click here for more info. 
well "white plus" and white dew" is not exactly from a same series, "white plus" mainly focus more on brightening effect. while as "white dew" has a combine purpose of "white plus" and "water bank" effects, it brighten and moisturize at the same time.

the main reason why i decided to try this product line is because it come in a set which means bargain price compare if you bought each of individual products, and another reason is that i have a major blemish/reddish skin on my cheek that really hard to get rid off.
this white dew set is suitable for all skin types

This white dew original ampoule essence set contains three skin care products and one cosmetic sponge.
lets check each of the products

(40 ML)
the bottle comes with a dropper top for easier and hygienic use.
texture wise its a bit watery and slimy. absorbs quite fast into the skin but still leaving a sticky feeling to it.
it has a flowery scent to it that i really like.
use it twice daily: morning and night.

(20 ML)
the main purpose of this tone up cream is to instantly brighten yellowish and dull skin tone. works like cc cream i think.
it has a milky texture, but when applied to my face it doesn't leave any sticky feeling. the sponge provided for easier application.
the cream smells like Olay face cream for me. 
this tone up cream could also use on any part of your body to give it a brighter look.
i tried it on my knee cap that slightly dark and it did brighten it.
use it in the morning only
can you see that my right leg is brighter after using this cream?

SPF 30PA++
(10 ML)
i don't really know whether this product also come from "white dew" series or just stand by its own.
i think this product works as a sunscreen, but with much difficult name to it. why Laneige... why?.
this product also stated to has the mechanism of a magnet that protect and repel pollution to the skin.
has a milky texture, and also Olay face cream scent to it.
when applied it leave a slight stickiness to it.
i actually use this product first before applying the tone up cream. because basically i use this as a sunscreen replacement and the tone up cream works as cc cream.
tell me if i'm wrong please..
use it in the morning only

i only tried all of this products for 2 days so far and my skin definitely has a brighter complexion. 
this products doesn't really help with controlling sebum access, so i have to blot my face once daily or use loose powder to mattifying my skin,

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