Sunday, August 31, 2014

peri's tint milk no 3 lavender flower review

its been a long time since i post a make up product review, well.. i've been really lazy busy. so before i get lazy busy again , i'm going to write a post about my newest purchase of lip tint. i've been on a shopping frenzy about lip tints, and on the look for violet color tints, and then i found this cute packing lip tint from peri pera. i never heard about this brand, but after searching through google about this brand, i found out that the illustrator for peri peri products is the same one for the latest 2ne1 album.

 i actually love the subtle color of the tint, it gives me a natural healthier look. as you can see from the lip applicator, the color is quite bold, when i apply it to my hand the color also a bright violet color, but when apply it to my lips, the color seem to be blending into my natural lip color, it looks so natural..

left-first swatch//middle-wiped with tissue//right-put under water then wiped it again

because the color is really sheer, i can't really tell whether its long lasting and waterproof or not... but when i tested it on my hand and wiped it after leaving it for 5 minutes, the tint actually left a slight mark on my hand, and when i wash it with water then wiped it again, the mark still linger on my hand, so i'm guessing it is.

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