Thursday, July 18, 2013

Taman sari royal heritage spa kelapa gading review

I really love spa, i've been to lots of different spa places, from the cheap to medium high class one, but little do i find review for spa's which i found it annoying, because there's a lot of voucher promotion for spa treatment but with no references (especially the real pics of the place) as how the service is, that make me doubt to go an buy the vouchers. of course in the voucher promotion, there's picture of the spa's facility, but advertisement always appears better than reality, right?. so that's what motivated me to write my first spa's review.

Just for your information.  Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa is another business line from PT. Mustika Ratu, its one of the best traditional skin care and make up in Indonesia. Taman Sari Royal Heritage is especially inspired from the jogjakarta royal family women's beauty and holistic health care. The name of Taman Sari itself, is a name of a bathing place for the Royal Members in Jogjakarta.

Indonesia is rich of it spices and herbs, such as ginger, turmeric, and nutmeg,   but not so many people even in indonesia know how to use those for healing and relaxation,  Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa is open due to these purpose. Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa in Kelapa Gading on 17 August 2012.
lobby room/ waiting room

Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa in Kelapa Gading is opened on 17 August 2012. 
so on friday, i went and go to Taman sari royal heritage spa in kelapa gading branch, the place is a bit hard to find because you can't see it from the main street. the first thing i notice when entering the building has really soothing fragrants, i booked my arrival before hand, of course i haven't decide what spa package that i want to have, so when i book my spa i just tell them that i want a 2 hours spa package. so after i arrived there, they gave me a spa's menu book with price intact, i even consult to them what my skin problem is, which is uneven skin on my legs, so they give me a suggestion to have the phyto-whitening spa package RP.450.000/session (150 minutes duration) .
the phyto-whitening spa package consist with javanese massage, cinnamon and ginger scrub, bengkoang body  mask and milk bathing. i really like the room, its all  private rooms, not just a curtain separator with other customers, but we separated with different rooms. the room is really elegant, with private bath, toilet and shower. if you come together with your friend, they will ask you whether you want to use the couple room or not,  because if you want to be put together with your friend they will ask for additional room fee, they will ask you to choose either want to use the executive room (rp50.000) or villa room (rp.100.000). for me i chose to be separated.
the treatment start with body massage, the skill of the therapist is really good, you could tell them whether to increase the pressure level or soften it.  after 1 hour massage, it continue with body scrub, the therapist (she) gave me the cinnamon and ginger scrub, i know this because i asked the therapist what scrub she use, because after the scrub drying, i feel that the scrub is warming my body, i thought its mentol, but actually its ginger. after body scrub, then the treatment continue with body mask, i really like the smell of it, its really fragrant, the body mask is really slow to dry out, so the therapist will leave you alone for a while till the mask dried of. after that, the therapist will come back and ask you to bath in milk essence water. the water is lukewarm, which i don't like, so i turn the hot water tap myself to adjust the water temperature. you could bath as long as you want, the therapist will clean the room while you bathing, but don't worry, there's curtain separating you from the massage room. they will ask what you want to drink (hot ginger, asam jawa, or hot tea) its all for free, but if they ask you whether you want to have a juice and fruit salad, beware its not for free, it cost you RP.25.000, which i think is worth it.
villa room facility


after the great first impression, i decided to try their others treatment, this time i chose to have their signature complete treatment, the royal javanese treatment, it cost me RP 700.000.
like most of the spa packages, the treatment always start with a massage, body scrub and body mask with/ without bath ritual. why this package is more expensive? because they included with face facial which i think a bit over price.
the treatment start with javanese traditional massage, traditional body scrub and body mask. for the body
mask, they use the mangir body mask, it smell like jamu (javanese traditional drink), i think i prefer the bengkoang mask more than the mangir mask, because its smell nicer. then after the mask dried, it continue with the exotic herbs bath.
after i finish bathing and showering my body till it clean, the therapist will leave you to dress up, but they ask me not to wear my t-shirt because next i will do the facial treatment., so i just put my undies and short. and again, the facial treatment is just like any of the facial treatment, what make it special? well, i think its because their using the mustika ratu's product for the treatment. the overall result? i think i prefer their normal body treatment without the facial treatment. what my expectation on this treatment is,  i thought that the facial treatment is included with the  facial accu pressure, neck and head massage (which i really love), but its not. the facial treatment that they did to me is only consist with face cleansing and facial mask. but for you that want to have a better face complexion, i think you would like it. because after the treatment, my face become cleaner and brighter.
 so next time i think i will do their 2 hours body treatment RP 450.00-RP 600.000+ facial acupressure
(totok wajah) (the price for acupressure is around RP 150.000-200.000 i think).

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  2. Dear Angie,

    I'm Director of Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa Kelapa Gading.

    I would like to thank you for your honest review .

    Now we have upgraded our facial treatment. Hope you.could give me your contact number or your email address to give a special facial treatment complimentary.

    Thanks and have a great day !!

    1. dear abigael,

      i never expect the director to contact me personally, which mean that you are care for the customers.
      thank you for your offer, please inform me on my email

      best regards

  3. Thats fine....Nice to have you here....

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