Monday, August 19, 2013

martha tilaar salon day spa branch spring hills kemayoran review

on Sunday, me and my mom decide to have a body massage in her usual place, but because she haven't book it yet and its Sunday, the place is all fully book. while my mum keep whining and begging the staff in that place to make space for us, while i browse through my contact and found out that i had save the number of martha tilaar spa in kemayoran (which i really want to try but haven't got the time). so i called them and ask whether their full or not for the day and luckily they have an open schedule for massage treatment (not the spa because you have to book it one day prior).

the place is a bit hard to find because its located on the basement of the spring hills resident. when you enter the area turn left to the oh la la restaurant then make a U-turn and go to the underground parking lot on the left side. the appearance of the place is really shady and dark, and my mum keep complaining about the place being in poor maintenance, but after we enter the spa place it have a different atmosphere, its clean and  well kept, but i notice their not using any aromatherapy oil in the reception area, because normally in other spa's places there is an overwhelming soothing smell of aromatherapy that welcoming me the first thing i open the door. so that's a let down.

me and my mum booked an hour traditional massage for IDR 200,000, and again my mum complaining about the price being so expensive (oh!  i hate my mum that day!). the staff ask us to wait in waiting area with a cold drink waiting for us, i think the drink is asam jawa because it taste sour, but not that sour, its bearable. the staff also ask us whether we want to be in couple room or separately with no extra charge for the couple room, but we chose to be separated because in couple room there's only one shower. what i found it unique is, they have a separate area for before treatment's waiting area and after treatment's relaxing area(i forgot to take picture of the relaxing area).

Traditional massage ( 60 minutes)/ IDR 200,000

so after waiting a while, the therapist lead us to our separate room, the room is small but cute! i love the room, its really cozy with wood furniture and flooring, and of course the room filled with aromatherapy scent. the therapist left me for a while to get ready, and then the massage started.

unlike any other spa places that i have been to, the therapist here start the massage with placing a hot towel on my body, which i think is a really  good idea, it relax my back muscles. the skill of the therapist is really professional, you don't need to ask, its really good!. the therapist seems eager to make me feels good, so when my leg is too tense, she ask me to relax, so i don't feel pain. she even ask whether i want a massage on my forehead.

after the massage the therapist left me to get a shower, she said that the shower gel and shampoo is all placed near the shower head. truthfully, i have a hard time finding it, because actually the so called shower gel / shampoo is place on the bowl next to the flower decoration, i need to dip my hand and smell it first to make sure its the right thing. i didn't wash my hair because i'm not sure whether its really is a shampoo. my mum in fact didn't even know where the shower gel is, so she just washed her body with warm water. but she really pleased with the massage , she even fall a sleep and didn't realize the treatment over till the therapist woke her up.
the shower gel inside the bowl next to the flower decor

after finish getting ready and came out from the treatment room, the staff already prepare a warm ginger drink and water for us in relaxing room. while i'm enjoying my warm drink, i did ask the staff about the spa's treatment price is around IDR 300,000-550,000 depend on the type of treatments,  i also ask why we need to book a day prior, the staff answer that some of the treatment have a flower petal bathing ritual, so they need to order the fresh flower petal first from the flower shop. neat! i promise i will do the spa treatment here, i'm thinking maybe i will do the floral blossom treatment next time.  wait for my update!
steamer inside the room

so finally, i could spare a time for another spa treatment, and lately I've been feeling under the wind, so i think a spa with a great massage will do me good. I've been looking forward to do the floral blossom spa treatment for a long time now (3 months since my last post). and last time i went to martha tilaar salon day spa, the staff told me that their spa treatment consist with a fresh flower petal's bath, that's why you need to book a day prior. so here i am, coming back looking forward for the luxurious warm bathing experience, and of course for the great massage.

when i arrived, i notice that they put an aromatherapy oil and traditional instrumental music, not like the last time i went there, there's no aromatherapy scent and music play at the background, so i guess the fix that aspects, great.

and when i was ask to wait in their waiting area, i notice that they put the small fountain on, so the sound of the water fountain combine with the traditional music and the scent of aromatherapy really give a very good ambiance to the place. really like it.
Floral blossom ritual ( rose, cananga, or jasmine) 120 minutes / IDR 380,000

after waiting for a while, finally the therapist escort me to my therapy room, funny thing is, they actually give me the same therapist the last time i went there. before starting the treatment, the therapist apologize and told me that i will have to change to another room for the bathing ritual, the reason is because the hot tap on my room is not working properly. i don't mind that, at least they did told me before hand.

the treatment started of with body scrub, i guess they give me the rose flower body scrub. on their website, i think that they have 3 type of different flower to choose from, but i guess they just gave me the product that they have on that day. so rose it is, and i don't really mind because the scent of rose did makes me relax.

after scrubbing all parts of my body, the therapist ask me to clean my self in the shower, just to wash off all the left over scrub beads that still on my body, the thing is i feel really awkward because the therapist didn't leave the room while i'm showering, instead she stay in the room and tidying the treatment bed with the new sheet, there's no curtain between the shower with the treatment bed, so its really awkward because i need to be fully naked on the shower, so awkward!!

after finished showering, its time for the steam bath, this time, the therapist left me 15 minutes by myself, after that she came back and help me out from the steamer.

after that, finally its time for the massage, i think its quite clever for them to put massage after the steam, because the steam did make my muscle relaxed. you don't need to ask about the massage skill, its always good.

after the massage done, then its time for the body mask, again, they use rose scented one, while putting the body mask, i think the therapist did a sloppy job masking my body, because its too watery and she didn't cover everything, especially my fingers.

so after the mask dried, finally its time for the flower bathing ritual, i'm dying to see whether they really use the real flower petal. and yes, you could say that they really did put the fresh flower petal, but not as many as the petal cover all the bathtub, instead, they combine bubble bath with the flower petals, and of course the bubble bath is rose scented. i wish the bathtub is deeper because i love bathing!!. the therapist said that my bathing time is 15 minutes, then she will come back and net all the flower petal before i shower. after the time is out, she did come back with a fish tank net, and start  netting all the petals with me still inside the tub, weird enough, i felt uncomfortable, so i stand up and got out her way, of course butt naked, so awkward!! i just wish that she didn't think my public hair looks weird *jokes*. i just wish they will put a curtain in the bathtub *sigh*.

after all the ruckus with the fower petal, she left again to let me shower and get ready, they did provide shower gel, but not shampoo, so if you want to waste your hair, i recommend you to bring your own shampoo. they also gave me a lotion, and i recommend you to use the lotion, at first when i apply it on my body, it doesn't have any significant smell, but after a while, it did! my guess is, the lotion will intensified the smell of the body mask, because some part of my body that i didn't put the lotion on didn't have any smell on it, but the part that i put the lotion on, its smell like roses, so strong that i could still smell it while i'm typing this review after coming back from the spa.

try to guess which one is the shower gel's bowl?
if you answer the small bowl.. bzzzzz..... the shower gel always on the big bowl.. the small bowl actually is the aromatherapy oil

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  1. Hi, You're article is really helpful because I'm looking to book a spa day with my mum when she visits me. Which spa do you recommend the most in Jakarta?

    Have you tried Puri Santri spa?



    1. hi amelia,

      sorry for the late reply, if you looking for the traditional indonesian spa, i recommend you to go to either martha tilaar spa or taman sari royal heritage spa. for budget spa in jakarta you could check the poetry spa. i need to check where do you live in jakarta, coz most of the time i go the the spa within the north jakarta area.

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