Wednesday, November 6, 2013

michael kors selma messenger studded bag review

In jakarta, there's only one michael kors outlet that located in Plaza Senayan, i wish that they will open another outlet in central part of jakarta so its easier to reach from all the way, because going to plaza senayan is a bit of a pain for me that live in north jakarta, because traffic is crazy as hell.

so I've been eyeing michael kors selma messenger studded bag for a long time now, and the first time i browsed through the selma messenger studded bag in pink, i'm fell in love with it , hey who could resist pink and gold? i can't!. so after continuing browsing the bag from the official website, i'm decided to come and see whether the outlet have the selma bag that i want, which is in pink. so after going through the hell of traffic i arrived in the mall excited, i went straight to the outlet and saw the bag is on display, but its not in pink, instead its in black and luggage color. so i ask the staff there whether they that a stock of in in pink, and they said no. i ask again, whether i could order it and wait for it, again they said no. the staff is actually really polite, and explain to me that there's only a limited stock that arrived in Indonesia, and they can't decide what color or what type of bags that arrives in here. disappointed, i went home empty handed, and try to buy it in trusted online website, but never found it in pink color.

so one day, after almost given up on the bag, one of my friend actually said that one of her friend is selling the bag that i want through pre-order system, and with a cheaper price above all. at first i'm a bit scared that the bag is not authentic, but she told me that her sister already bought a bag from her friend and there's no problem about the bag being not authentic. so trusting her, i also put an order to the bag that i want, i need to wait for almost a month for the bag to arrived. i'm really not a patient, so its a bit of a hell to wait for the bag to arrive. but finally its here!! when i open the package, the bag is even better that what i imagined, the color is better than what the show in the website. i'm falling in love with it all over again. the size of it is just perfect, its not to big and not to small, it can fit my huge guess wallet, note 3, iphone, blackberry, and car key.


  1. I want the same bag! yours is pretty ....
    But one question, is the long strap strong enough? cause i see there is no handle to carry that bag.
    Please give me the review...
    and may i know where to pre-order this bag? ....thanks!! :))

    1. hai metarina,
      the strap is really sturdy, so don't worry, i pre-ordered it from my friend's friend. i need to ask her first for the contact if you want, but you could also check because sometimes they also sell MK bags for limited time and its way cheaper that the one on the outlet.

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  3. Hi! What's the size of your bag and its dimensions? I would really like to get one. :)

  4. does your friend, selling the pre order mk bags, have a website i can see?

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  6. JuFebruary 16, 2015 at 4:23 AM
    Hi, is this a mini or medium messenger? Thnx