Sunday, April 16, 2017


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In my opinion i think THE SHARE PHNOM PENH HOSTEL is one of the best hostel in Phnom Penh.

i was going to be in this city for a day before catchin  my flight home the next day. i was travelling with six of my friends from Bangkok and we haven't slept before coming to Phnom Penh, so i wasn't planning to go around the city, what i need is just a good long sleep in a good bed and was planning to stay at one of the good hotel near the river, but all my friends complaint that it was way to expensive for one day stay and they chose to stay in hostel that they picked for me.

i was completely blind on how the hostel will looks like. 
my number one concerns is the bathroom of the hostel; will it be smelly? dark? no hot water? no flush toilet etc.

upon arriving in this hostel, i was quite shock that it was better that what i was expecting. their front office/ reception area is combine with Italian cafe that have a rustic atmosphere,its really cute and cozy..
the staff also really attentive and friendly, they talk to us like we are a close friend and we really are feels welcome there.
the hostel costed us $8/ night on a mixed bunk bed (just as i mentioned on my last post of Cambodia, they prefer to use USD as their main currency) 
they also provides other services such as visa application, tour arrangement, ticketing, laundry even renting a motorbike for their guests.
we chose to rent motorbikes to get around the city and it costed us $7/day, quite a bargain compare to always call a tuk tuk for us to go everywhere.

while waiting for our check in time which is at 14.00, i was intrigue to try their gelato ice cream. it costed me $3.5 for 2 scoop of ice cream. 
after testing every flavors they have, i decided to go with coconut and pistachio flavor. both taste heavenly after a hot 45 minutes tuk tuk ride from the airport.

my first impression of the room is that the room is huge! not only the size of the whole room, but also the bed, it could even fit two person sleeping in one bed.
 they provided you with one locker and towel for each person, their locker is big enough for me to storage my shoes, bag pack and stationary things. also their have great WI-FI connection

even more better, they have two separate shower rooms inside, and thank goodness the shower room is clean enough for me to shower without crinkling, but some time there's this bad odor coming from the shower room. oh, and they do have hot water in their shower.

at their third floor they got a roof top bar that serve as recreation area, its quite hot at noon because it was on the open veranda, so i stick around the cafe downstairs when the sun still up, but at night it makes a perfect spot to spend time talking with your fellow travelers. you can even see the royal palace from the roof top bar.
the downside of this place is that they don't have elevator, i was bringing a large baggage and have quite a difficult time carrying my baggage up the steep stairs. and no, they don't have a storage room for baggages downstairs.

overall, i had a good experience staying here, i got a good sleeping quality with great air-con system. the staffs really helpful, the coffee which costed me $3,5 is good (you should try their ice cafe latte its the bomb), and their tuk tuk service is also a top notch, you can bargain for the tuk tuk price, it costed me $5 from hostel to airport for six people with baggages.


The Share Phnom Penh Hostel
187 Preah Ang Yukanthor Street (19), Phnom Penh, Cambodia
+855 96 777 6557

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  1. Waw uda lama banget ga blogwalking dan ternyata ada post baru dari cicik! Asik banget jalan-jalannya, would love to visit there one day too. Thank you for the great recommendation dan sering-sering ngepost ya ceeee xo.