Tuesday, April 25, 2017


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Malis restaurant is apparently one of the posh restaurant in Phnom Penh and one of the most visited  restaurant that offers authentic Khmer cuisine for tourists.
i have no idea how the Khmer's cuisines will taste or looks like, and really looking forwards to try it for the first time.

i'm only going to introduce two special dish, because other dishes is to similar to my home country dish and doesn't really stand out for me.

as what my friend recommended, if you ever been to Cambodia, you should try their "Amok". amok is a curry type dishes,  it usually made with river fish and Steamed in banana leaves, the fish is sweetened with coconut and seasoned with local spices. Amok is normally served with rice.
their fish amok that i ordered is fantastic, the spice really is the hero in this dish, and i could tell the fish is fresh because it doesn't take sandy at all.
actually the curry taste so similar to Indonesian curry, while Indonesian curry tend to be quite soupy, Cambodian curry is more dense in their texture.

Bang Kang is a fresh water lobster or king prawn which is found in the Mekong River, while Malis basically means jasmine rice.
me and my friend got a major surprise here, i heard that one of the exotic dish in Cambodia is a dish cooked with big red ant. our waiters who is completely aware that we re tourist is considerable enough to give us this cooked red ants on top of the malis rice.
the ant itself has a sweet and sour taste to it, some of my friends said that it also taste like indonesian "serundeng",Serundeng is an Indonesian spicy fried coconut flakes, much safer and not scary than eating this giant red ant.
as for the bang kang, the meat is juicy and sweet, really good seafood.

if you ask me whether i will come back here to eat again? my answer will be.. yes, if i have a special meeting and have to impress them, other than that, i think i prefer the street foods in this city.
not only that their price is quite expensive, their food taste OK for me, maybe because i come from another Asian country.
but if it your first time in cambodia you should really visit this restaurant for their vast varieties of authentic khmer cruisines.

No. 136, Preah Norodom (St. 41), 12301 Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
 +855 23 221 022

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