Sunday, May 8, 2016


i actually quite lucky to found a discount voucher at groupon for this spa place.
i checked their normal price for 60 minutes Balinese massage is around IDR 500.000, and i got a voucher for their 90 minutes Balinese massage +15 minutes hydro pool access for only IDR 299.000.
what a bargain right!

whats more, if you stay for a minimum 2 night at their hotel (which i did), you will also receive a 30% off + 15 minutes hydro pool access. at the end, the price is the same as the discount voucher i got from groupon.

ok back to the treatment, i chose the balinese massage for 90 minutes.
the ritual starts with foot cleansing, unlike most of the spa places i visited that cleanse your feet with dipping your feet at a bowl of warm water.
at Tjakra 7 spa they use streaming water to cleanse your feet, the water is warm and the therapist really cleanse your feet thoroughly.
i don't know what the light for but it is quite unique.

after that the therapist lead us to the changing room, we were ask to change to towel kimono and put on the paper panty and shower cap.

they provided locker room to put our stuffs away and lock it.

after that we went to the other end of the changing room and enter the hydro pool area.

unfortunately, we didn't try the hydro pool because the ph quantity on the water is still to high. but i did briefly dip my feet to feel the water, and it so warm!

they lead us to separate treatment room and begin the exotic massage.
i could only tell you that the massage is DIVINE!
i passed out almost immediately, and even sleep talk during my massage treatment (which shock the therapist hahahaha....)

after the treatment, we were given a "sober up" drink that you could choose (ginger, sweet tea and tamarind) accompany with dried fruits and cookie.

it really was a great spa experience, i really recommend it to who ever come to bali!

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