Wednesday, June 1, 2016


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Pullman legian nirwana, located just across the street of Kuta beach and Cross section of legian street and melasti street.
its still on a walking distance to the beachwalk mall, Hard Rock Cafe and the famous legian night life street.
 there's also plenty of restaurants and coffe shops along the way, so don't worry about being starving.

First impression, i was awestruck by its massive open spaces. it was hot in the lobby and they gives you pandan waters and cold towels to welcome you.
the reception is friendly and explain things patiently.
during our stay, you will  get a professional  photo session for a day  if you staying for min. 2 nights. unfortunately i didn't took it. you need to book the photographer the day before the photo shots.
 but for me, i prefer to go travelling around the area than do the photo session.
also with the min 2 nights stay you will also given a 30% off spa treatment at tjakra 7 spa which i happily accept. click here for my spa experience

the check-in proses took quite a long time despite i already did their online check-in the day before.
after quite a few minutes, we were lead to our room its located  on the first floor and just across the garden pool, i was quite happy with the location.

being on the first floor and in front of the public pool has it down fall.
even though the room is quite big with a separate living room that contain 2 tv, a sofa and 2 shower rooms, i can't help it to feel a bit expose even inside my room.
the reason is, the room is become quite dark if we close all the window,but when we open all the windows people from across the pool can see you.
there is a flaw the first time i enter the room, the cabinet table in the living room is practically messy, and the concierge that accompanied us to the room doesn't even realized it. maybe because the room is dark...
but well.. more shampoo, soap and sugar for me..

even worst... when the night falls there's no freaking light on my balcony!! there's even no lights on the room number plate outside which is really hard to find the room at night, and yes i did tripped over for a few times because its so FREAKING DARK!
and when i did call their room service and explain the situation, their reply is " just wait it takes time for the light to turn on"
till the day i checked out, it never did turn on..bravo...



i was so excited to get my self a good soak on the big bathtub.
but.... how disappointed i am that after waiting for almost 1 hour, yes!! 1 FREAKING hour!!
that the tub didn't even half full... and the water temperature?
the hot tab on the shower works just fine, so why not the tabs on the tub??


and again, more problem i found on the shower room, the hot tabs doesn't work too.
weel at least we got one shower that properly working on the main room.



there is  happy hours(buy 2 get 1 for free) on the pool's bar from 3-6 o'clock.
here's the thing...
i don't know why i keep complaining while i was in this hotel.
the staffs on the pool area is definitely racist.
i notice that while i was sitting down on one of the seat that they only warmly welcome to the westerner.
if there's a westerner coming they welcome them, give them towel and give them the menu list.
well, i didn't their warm welcome, i didn't get any tower, i literary have to walk to them and ask for a towel and again walk my ass again to the bar to ask for their menu.
it didn't happen just to me, i realize if the guest is Asian, the staff don't even bother with them.


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