Friday, February 12, 2016


let me first warn you that this post is going to be a long one. 
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park features plenty of beautiful scenery that made me unable to stop clicking my camera. 
every turns and every corners has different perspectives of the area, and i felt oblige to capture every moments.
i came as a group of family tour, and the downside of being in a tour group is that you are constricted to a time limits.
i can't explore freely and most places that the tour leader showing us is merely the basic passages.
that's why we didn't go to the gate of heaven and the glass sky walk.
what a shame!!!


first stop is a waste of time, we were riding the cable car to arrive in area that we can take a picture with monkey king.
the view during the cable car is quite beautiful , but still i felt that i was a waste of time. 
we waste 30 minutes to just merely meet with the man in a monkey king suit and force to pay if we want to have a picture with him even though we use our own camera!!

next stop, we went to the river bank and enjoy our time in the water.
the stone wall actually emits cool breeze and the water is freezing cold. really a good way to cool down on a hot day.

there's lots of people dipping their feets in the water and just enjoy the view and surrounding. i can't really miss this opportunity too. after a long walk on Yellow Dragon Cave yesterday, my feet felt so good in the freezing cold water of the river. really soothing and relaxing.

the water so clear that some people try to catch some small fishes in the water.

After enough cooling down at the river bank, we got into shuttle bus and drove to the infamous Bailong Elevator. 
this elevator  is a glass elevator built onto the side of a huge cliff that has a height of 1,070 feet (330 m) high. It is claimed to be the highest and heaviest outdoor elevator in the world.

Do stand on the inner side of the elevator for a good view. At first i didn't feel that we move so fast upward but when the elevator comes out from inside of the cliff, my heart actually dropped for a few seconds, because it was so high up! i snapped a several good shots then back off because the height dizzied me.
it takes around 1 minutes to reach the peak.

after reaching the peak, we actually need to walk and took another shuttle bus to reach the most breathtaking view at the tallest mountain. 
the view along the way is beautiful that i forgot the ache of my tired legs.

there's plenty of food vendors around the area, so don't worry about being hungry, the baby potato taste quite good even though its so oily. do ask for chilly powder, it taste better when its spicy.
they also sells fresh fruit and baked chestnut here.

The view from up there is really something. it feels like i'm on top of the world. my legs wobble when i looked down, you can actually see that the area at the bottom of the mountain started to loose some sun light. but up here! its so bright with nothing to hinder the sun.

it was still so bright that we didn't realize its almost closing time. yes the cable car and the shuttle bus stop operating at 18.00. I personally doesn't know what will happen if someone stuck in this massive park.
luckily we were just about the time when we arrive at the cable car station.

we can't really breath in relief after the cable car ride, we actually need to catch a shuttle bus to reach the park entrance door.
it was still a long way from the cable car station to the shuttle bus station, we need to walk pass the forest with thousand descending stairs. the locals here really do love stairs huh?

my advice when you visit this national park is:
plan before you go! 
so you don't have to worry being stuck in this massive park after the closing time.
i personally need a whole day to go around here, and i didn't even visit the gate of heaven.

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