Wednesday, February 10, 2016


i was quite ignorant about travel's area in zhangjiajie. The only thing i know about this place is the avatar mountains.
so i was quite dumbstruck that this city is so full with natural beauties. One of them is yellow dragon cave.
Like any tourist attraction places in china, there's always plenty of snack stalls and souvenir shops before entering some attraction. 
my suggestion is:
 Don't buy the souvenirs just yet because it will become a burden when you inside the cave, but do eat before you enter, because you gonna need all that energy.

before you arrive at the cave entrance you will pass a huge garden with beautiful and peaceful surroundings.
if you decided to eat before going inside the cave, you could picnicking  around while enjoying the view.

do wear comfy shoes while traveling in zhang jia jie, you going to be walking all day here.
the distance from the garden entrance to the cave entrance is also quite a long walk. Do bring some water in your bag so you don't get dehydrated.

after walk pass the garden, you will arrive in wooden passage. 
there's only one toilet in this area and its near the water mill around it.
FYI, i personally don't dare to go in public toilets in China.
its smelly and most of them is dirty.
my tips when you entering the toilet is, hold your breath and do your business FAST!
don't look around and don't smell anything.

the water quality in Zhang Jia Jie is really clear, but i don't think its drinkable.

you still need to walk a few meters before arriving at the cave entrance.
i actually felt quite  tired before i enter the cave.
such a long walk!!

i was quite surprise when entering the cave.
inside the cave is so cold, that i thought they put air conditioner around the area.
but its not!! the local says that this cave is cold during summer and warm at winter time. 
a great place to hang out and hide huh...
so what is Yellow Dragon Cave?
It is a 7.5 kilometers and a depth of 140 meters limestone cave. 
Yellow Dragon Cave's name comes from a legend of a dragon that lived inside the cave, i personally don't do legend. so lets just enjoy the breathtaking view of the cave.

inside the cave is filled with varieties of stalagmites and stalactites that they lights up with multiple colors to creates magical impact.
the cave is really really huge!
I've been to caves in Guilin and Yunan province but none of them is this humongous and beautiful.
i was awestruck

and they even have a river inside the cave!
i can't really believe my eyes!!
another advice from me, do bring a cardigan or sweater.
its freezing during the boat ride.
the boat staffs actually wearing fur jacket here.

i feel like I've been thrown back to the ancient dinosaur's era or journey to the end of earth movie set.
its really feels surreal.

after the boat ride, we continue our paths with thousand of stairs.
don't bring elderly here, it's a nightmare!!
but the view... its amazing....

there even a spring waterfall here. it was believe that the spring water inside the cave taste sweet and tasty.

more stairs, stairs, stairs up and down till my legs wobble.
the stairs sometimes get slippery due to the spring water around it. you really need to walk carefully.

this stalagmite actually reminds me of the monster on Final Fantasy's game. how nostalgic *hehehe*

feels like i'm under the sea.
so beautiful....YET SO TIRED!!

and then back to the reality of sun and greenery.
after all it was one of the most amazing trip i had in China.
one more bucket list ticked of from my travel list.

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