Thursday, January 7, 2016


The first impression when i arrived here is hot!!
I don't know whether their air con broke that period of time or not, but anywhere i went on this hotel its so freaking hot, especially inside the lift!

Even more worst, i think i already gave them reference that i want my room's air con turn on by the time i arrive.
it was not on when i open the room, and yeah.. its hot inside the room.

problem after problem showed up in my room, TV picture quality is bad, its grainy!
the bathroom is way too open, this room is not suitable for business partner to stay in one room.
the water tab on the sink too close to the edge, when i washed or brushed my teeth, water went all over the floor next to the bed. 

breakfast is quite nice and enough varieties.
there's not enough table for all the guests, and some guests have to share a table with stranger, or seat on the outdoor area, which is so darn hot (indoor area also hot, but not as bad as the outdoor).
there's plenty of maintenance issue at the restaurants, almost all the table is unstable, its shaky.
i stayed 2 nights at this hotel and every time i stood up or put my hand on the table, my coffee spilled.

dinner's food also quite nice, i ordered chicken galantine with their signature cocktail "MRT".
the chicken is well seasoned and juicy, need to add salt on the mash potato though.
the cocktail is a bit bland and bitter for me.
Oh! Did i mention their tables wobble? Yeah.. hold on to your martini glass tight girls, you don't wanna tip it over. Even their tall table is wobbly, really dangerous...

the only good point on this hotel is, the view from the restaurants/rooftop area is breathtaking, i enjoyed it very much, whether its during breakfast or dinner time.

the sunset view is breathtaking!!
i really recommend it to come to their skyloft restaurant around 5~6 pm to catch their sunset view.

the night view also unbeatable.
the live music doesn't start around 7 PM.
the sofa is reserved for guest with a booking appointment only. 
after the sun down, the air become more bearable, and wind blows slowly.
don't come here with fancy dress or a full suit, your be drown in your own sweat if you do.
wear something light and chick instead. 
 i think there's no dress regulation here, but i think you can't wear you slipper here.

will i stay in this hotel again? maybe not.
but i will comeback to their outdoor rooftop bar for some drink while enjoying the sunset and night views.


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