Monday, December 28, 2015


This petite yet vibrant hotel just opened for business on October 2015.
Being a brand new opened hotel, the customers their having is not that many, consider it a Christmas holiday.
I drove by myself here and I think its really convenient they have an outdoor parking lots right in front of the lobby for all visitor. 
I really hate it if I need to park at the basement, because it's gloomy and scary ( just my opinion).

Being a budget yet stylish hotel, they don't provides vallet service and the welcome drink also a self service system, they provides an infused water near the reception desk.

I really like their lobby area, its so vibrant. the area filled with multi colour and different shapes of chairs and coffee tables. 
Even my mum can't stop taking pictures in the lobby, she really liked it too. 
There's also a smoking seating area and kids corner at the lobby.

The room is appropriate in size, the bed is soft and fluffy, they also provide a huggable pillow/ gulling  which is a must sleeping essential for Indonesian and most of the southern asean countries.

The bathroom is an open concept, with sliding door/mirror to cover when you take a shower. 
There is a lock on the door for privacy in the toilet, but the sliding door in front of the sink can be open from outside. 
So if you traveling with prankster friend or naughty kids. Do beware of it. 

As for the view, I ask for a room with a great view and they gave me a view of their pebble garden/reflexology pathway, which is quite calming in my opinion. But the back draw is, at night time there's no light what so ever at the garden, just pure darkness.

They also have a small gym with toilet in it, but unfortunately there's no swimming pool (yet).
Their so called reflexology pathway is just for show i think, i can't really go in there.

The breakfast also an enjoyable experience, the staff really nice and attentive.
the food taste good with varieties of Indonesian and western foods.

Overall, I had a great sleep here.


Ibis style jakarta sunter
    Jl. Gaya Motor I, North Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14350

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