Monday, December 7, 2015


My stay in this hotel is actually out of curiosity.
I just becomes a member of accor plus, and feel itchy to start using the benefit of the card.
so why not trying the hotel that close to me first?
after much consideration, i chose pullman central park hotel because by far it is the most exciting accor hotel in jakarta.
with good design, good facilities and lots of food varieties in their buffet menu. my stay in this hotel is actually a very pleasing one.
after checking in, the staff gave me a voucher for welcome drink at their lobby bar "Bunk".
i ask the bartender for their signature cocktail "pullman connection" and its so damn refreshing!!
its sweet and sour at the same time, and not bitter at all.
the decor of the bar also really unique, and from what i heard, pullman hotel actually supporting the local yes, most of their art pieces comes from indonesian artists.

i booked deluxe executive room which grants me access to executive lounge and breakfast for two.
the room is quite spacious, the beds so comfortable and inviting.
the lighting makes the room even more cosy.

my concern is; the bathroom have an open concept, i actually shivering when i got out from the shower to get my towel at the sink.
and there's not many tv channels,such as fox channels, but we didn't come here to spend all day watching tv anyway.

me and my friend enjoying taking picture in the room.
the chair is so comfy i could seat all day while reading my book or looking out the window.

the corridor also full of pop art painting and yes.. more torso less figure at the end of every corridor.

after had enough picture inside the room, we decided to hang out at the executive lounge, which located at the 12th floor.

they even provided a phone chargers at the lounge, and again the design is epic.
we relaxing at the lounge, drinking tea and coffe, eating, reading the newspaper *not really*.
i just wish they have women magazine there. is all so business kind of magazines and papers.

after enough stuffing ourself, we then felt guilty and decided to hit the swimming pool.
not the best time that day, because the wind literary bashed at us.
after enough swimming and our feet turning blue, we warm ourself at the steaming room inside the locker room.
we even try the yoga class in the morning at their zen garden.
doing yoga outdoor was really a good experience.

we stayed just for a night and wish that we booked longer.
pullman hotel have a really good hospitality that make our stay really enjoyable.
maybe i'll come again to visit the bar because their the cocktails is really good.

Pullman central park jakarta
    Podomoro City Jl. Let. Jend S Parman Kav 28, Jakarta, West Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 11470

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  1. Ciyeeeee akhirnya back to blogging lagi. Iri banget sama yang abis so-sweet-an bareng di Pullman haha. Ditunggu post selanjutnya lagi ya sis XO