Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ando and yun korean hair boutique central park branch review

last satuday, i went to Ando and Yun korean hair boutique across the central park mall ( the ruko building infront of the mediteranian 2 apartment ) for a hair cut.
unfortunately, because of the tight budget at the end of the month, i didn't book my appointment with the korean stylists that cost around IDR 400,000, instead i try their local stylist cost around IDR 200,000 and my stylist called mbak titi.

i don't like an obvious cut that have a high layered cut, because its make my thin hair looks thinner. so to tell you the truth, i really like mbak titi's hair cut, its really is a clean and soft cut. she cut my hair to an oval shape then layered it a little at the end of the hair also on both of the side of my face, as for my bang, she cut it enough just above the eyebrow then layered it a little again so my bang doesn't look to stiff.

so there you have it, i love my hair and it didn't really cost me to much. love the style and love the cost,


my hair before the hair cut

my hair after the cut


  1. May I have the full adress please as I'm going to indonesia and want to stick to korean style coz I am. And if you know any daily makeup artist/studio that have the korean/asian style, please tell me..
    Thankyou^^ if u can a.s.a.p

    1. hi... i believe the ando and yun hair salon located on these address

      Central Park Jakarta
      Ruko Central Park No. 8 AG
      Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat

      021 – 5698 2329


      Kelapa Gading Jakarta

      Graha SMKG LT. 1
      Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
      021 – 4584 6222

      or you could check on their website http://www.andoandyun.com/

      and unfortunately i'm not too familiar with the makeup studios around jakarta. because i myself seldom to go to the beauty salon..