Monday, November 18, 2013

skin food nail vita alpha nail polish (maldives blue) review

normally i would never buy a nail polish with obvious colour, especially after i got into my company.  but my friend who is really good at nail art said that the colour of this nail polish is really good( we was browsing through the online shopping web that day) and.. because i'm the who's begging her to do my nails, i decide to bought it so she could use in on my nails. 

after the nail polish arrive, and my friend has a look at the nail polish, she said that this skin food nail polish contain vitamins such as vitamin c, calcium and keratin that's good for my nail. 

without flash
with flash
after my friend put it on my nails, the result is really great, it shine and has a smooth result. after the nails dried, my friend magically drew on my nails and transform it into a piece of art, i'm loving the result! she said that the pattern she drew on my nails called " the hounds tooth pattern". do check out her blog site because she has a lot of great nail art step to step tutorial that you might like. ( )


  1. Love you nails!!!
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

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