Thursday, November 21, 2013

etude house silk scarf damage 2x review

This is my first ever beauty product review, i did this review because i want to help people judging the product before buying it, especially with the korean beauty care that have a really hard to understand english instruction.

so this is the product that i'm reviewing:
etude house new hair treatment product called silk scarf damage 2x, i bought 3 kind of the products: camelia level 1, jojoba level 2 and argan seed level 3. they put different hair damage to 4 level, i guess the bigger the level means the more intensive the hair treatments is.

the instruction attached on the package is really short and its not helping at all. it didn't say how long should i leave the hair pack on my hair. and how many time a week should i use it for the best result. so i just do it according to my own sense. and this is how i do it:

hair pack (step 1)
put the hair serum from mid half to the enf of your hair
1. after rinse off all the shampoo on my hair, i squish my hair till its dry enough.
2. then i put the hair pack all over my hair, from the root to the end of my hair.
3. i leave it for 2-3 minutes then rinse it off with cold water for the best result.

hair serum (step 2)
1. after using the hair pack in the shower, i pat my hair with towel till its dry enough.
2. i put the hair serum just on the lower part of my hair(the edge of my hair ).
3. i hair dryer it its all dry.

jojoba seed 
i chose to try the jojoba seed first because it has level 2 damage hair. i chose this one so i could compare the consistency of the level 1 and level 3 one. 
the jojoba seed hair pack (step 1) consistency is quite thick, but the quantity of the hair pack is enough to put on my long hair from my scalp to the end of my hair. the hair pack and hair serum have a floral scent, but after using it and i dried my hair, there's no smell at all.

after using the hair pack, i felt my hair become heavier and thicker. don't really like the feeling of it, because it feel like my hair became so oily.
the hair serum consistency has the same thickness with the hair pack. after put it on my hair, it felt gooey, just like when you put a leave on hair conditioner. it felt so sticky and hard to dry it on with hair dryer. but the result i got is, my hair become so thick and my frizzy hair didn't stick out. quite like the after effect of it, but because i have an oily hair, in no time my hair become so oily that i need to wash my hair again the next morning (i've used the treatment at night around 8 o'clock).

jojoba seed: good for you that have a really dry and frizzy hair.
result: thick and un frizzy hair 

camelia seed

as for the camelia seed's hair pack and serum, the consistency of the product is a bit watery, so be careful when you open the package, because opening it too big will let the product to be spill all over the floor. i like the smell of this product, it really has the smell of camelia flower. 
a little opening is enough 
when i applying the serum to my hair, i prefer to squeeze enough essence to the palm of my hand then apply it to my hair, its so much easier.
the hair serum is really watery so be careful
this is how watery the serum is

for the camelia seed hair treatment, i expect it to make my hair oily too, but i'm wrong, instead, the camelia seed feels really light on my hair, after hair dryer it, my hair felt so soft, smooth and light. and its stay all day without making my hair more oily than usual. love it, definitely going to buy this one again.

camelia seed: good for oily hair
result: silky smooth hair

argan seed

the argan seed consistency is thicker than the jojoba seed one, it has a leafy smell on it and the smell is quite strong.

its so thick that its not dropping all over the place
the hair serum also as thick as the hair pack

after applying it to my hair, the after effect of this treatment is not as heavy and oily as the jojoba seed one. after hair dryer it. my hair actually feels so smooth and fluffy. i really like it, it actually stay oil free the next day so i don't need to shampoo my hair in the morning ( i showered at night around 9 o'clock). but after half of the day, my hair started to be oily.

argan seed : good for normal dry combination hair
result: smooth and voluminous hair 


  1. Aw! I heard this was good but can't believe it made you oily and made your hair feel really heavy! That really sucks! Now I have to think twice about this product! Thank you very much for the review! :)

    1. If you have an oily hair i suggest u to try the camelia seed one. It makes my hair really smooth and not as oily as the jojoba seed one.

  2. But if i'm not mistaken the hair treatment is only for root nourishment and it's not advisable to apply from hair root.

    1. hi elise, i read the instruction on the back of the package and its says scalp nourishment, that's why i applied it from the root to the tip of my hair... its really confusing!!

  3. Hi
    did you wash your hair out more than once because it says to do that in Korean. it also says that you should rinse your hair with warm water not cold and it's supposed to say on for around 1-2 minutes.
    Hope this gave you a little bit more information :)

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