Monday, June 12, 2017


Located at the busy street of Kelapa gading, Jakarta Utara. this restaurants is the staple of Palembang foods in this area.
getting a parking is really difficult here so i do recommend you to just grab a taxi here.

pindang ikan patin
IDR 30.000
if you ever come here, the food that you should try is their Pindang soup.
pindang soup is a clear sour soup base serve with river fish meat ( you could choose whether you want fish head, body or tail meat)
there is variation of what kind of river fish you want as your pindang, but i always choose ikan patin (shark catfish) because there's not too much bones in it.
the soup taste a bit like tom yum, the fish meat is really fatty and doesn't has any earthy smell at all.

price varies from IDR 5.500-15.000
other than their pindang soup, other food that you must try if you coming to Palembangese restaurant is their pempek.
pempek is a dough made from blended fish mixed with flour. boiled or fried, its your choice.
i personally like it fried because it has a crunchy texture. boiled one has more of a sticky texture to it.
there's plenty of pempek types; egg filling, fish skin, plain, grilled even papaya filling. my all time favourite is their fish skin" kulit ikan" and egg filling " kapal selam" pempek.
you suppose to dipped pempek in their chilly vinegar sauce to  give it more depth to the taste.

ikan seluang goreng
IDR 20.000
as an appetizer, i do recommend their "ikan seluang goreng". its a deep fried small river fishes high with its calcium.
it crunchy and savory flavor will be a great replacement for crackers.  

es kacang merah (with/out durian)
~IDR 15.000

as a dessert, palembangese never forget to order this tasty treats. es kacang merah is a sweet shaved ice served with melted brown sugar and sweet red bean.
you could also add durian if you like, and of course it much more expensive than their normal es kacang.
this es kacang merah will be perfect eaten to beat the heat in Jakarta. definitely a must try.

so that's it my food list on sari sanjaya, hope its informative enough if you want to visit this place.

Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok QA 1 No. 8 - 9, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
021 4535038
021 45845550
open daily
10.00- 22.00 WIB

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