Sunday, June 11, 2017


Specialize on serving all kinds of thick porridge (note: porridge! not congee!) This place is one of the must visit place if you ever come near this area.
apart from selling porridge, there's also lots of other foods to be enjoy together with the porridge.
they provides other menus such as all kind of eggs, tofu, meats (except pork), veggies even seafood.
bubur seafood (seafood porridge)
medium size (2-3 person)
IDR 60.000
one porridge that i recommend is their seafood porridge. it fills with all kind of seafood; octopus, squid, fish and prawn.
the porridge is fragrant (not fishy) and its savory enough to be eaten plain without any addition of soy sauce or vinegar.

the restaurant encourage the customer to self serve themself with peanuts and chilly at the counter provided, so if you wondering why other table got a bowl of peanuts and chilly but you don't. well, get your butt out there and walk to their peanuts and chilly counter yourself.

ayam putih hong kong
whole chicken
IDR 180.000
other menu that's always be my all time favourite to accompanying my porridge is their "ayam putih hong kong". its a boiled white chicken cooked with ginger and garlic.
you could ask for a half or whole chicken. size wise it was smaller than a normal farm's chicken, but their meat is so soft and tender you could barely stop eating it.

IDR 7.500
other side dish that's can't be miss is their cakwe. cakwe is a fried savoury dough that has a crispy and oily texture.
their cakwe is fragrant and crispy at the same time. taste wise its quite bland, but you suppose to dip it in the porridge or into their chilly sauce.

udang rebus ala hong kong
IDR 55.000
this dish is a boiled prawn in hong kong style. i don't really know what is the hong kong style in this dish? because for me its just a plain boiled prawn.
even though i said plain, you definitely will have to try this dish.
the prawn is so fresh that it taste sweet and crunchy. not soggy or bland at all!
one portion is big enough for four people to enjoy. the skin of the prawn is so thin that you could eat it without removing the skin (if you like, i personally still remove the skin)

i basically always over eating at this place due to all the food here is so tasty that i can't stop myself!
price wise this place is a bit pricey compare to other porridge places.
but quality really did speak out for their prices.
you will never regret coming here.
they also opened their restaurant at three different location, but nothing beats the taste at their original place.

Jl. Pecenongan No. 67I, Pecenongan, Jakarta 
open 24 hours
021 3865688
021 3458267

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