Saturday, June 10, 2017


I was lured to visit Rollover Reaction pop up store because of their giveaway for the first 100 people in line.
located at the fourth floor of pop on plaza indonesia, i hurriedly come to register their giveaway. But after seeing a really long and crowded line there, i decided to bailed off and come again after all the crowd died off and of course no giveaway for me sadly.
the decor for their pop up store is quite simple and way too crowded at one side.
even though its not that many people when i come back to their store, i still need to squeeze myself with others because their sample corner is so narrow.

other than all the normal products they selling online, they also launched three of the lip color that's only available on their pop up store. 
their three exclusive lip colors that only available here is; Blondie, Grace and Rah. (they actually launched this color on their web on 12 june 2017. check it your self girls!)
you could also buy all three colors in a set called "Cool Cat". the packaging is so retro and gimmicky. the catch is if you buy it on a set the price will be way cheaper if you buy it individually. and yes, i forgot to ask for the set price.
i also totally forgot to snap each individual of the colors! i'm really sorry guys!
but from all three, my favorite color is Blondie, and i did bought it. so i could only show you the color of Blondie.
other than Blondie, i also decided to buy my all time favorite color "Lucy" and their other new products of "flushed" lip colors. all three colors of them.

so... without further ado, lets check each of the individual colors that i got.

like any other sueded! lip and cheek cream, Blondie also has a cake icing's scent to it.
color wise, it has a deep red burgundy color,the color is so pigmented that only one swatch is enough to cover the whole lips. it also has a slight metallic glow which i really like.
*(updated on 14 june 2017)
ok guys.. i've been wearing this Blondie for the past few days and i LOVE this product more and more!
first; unlike their other sueded lip cream, Blondie is really moisturizing and hiding my dry and cracked lips, PERIOD!
two; the wear duration also more long lasting and transfer proof.
three; light weight and DEFINITELY LOVE the metallic glow!
after the successful story with Blondie, i actually thinking on buying other colors from this series.

i love Lucy because i could use it for my daily makeup.
the color has a orange-y tone that will give a sunny and fresh look to lips.
compare it to Blondie, Lucy has a more matte finish to it.   

first of all, all the Flushed! lip and cheek stain has more sheer and glowy finish to it.
instead of a seperate stick aplicator, this series has a build-in brush and what you do to use the product is to twist it till it come out.
from all the color of this series, Orla has the most pigmented and darker color.
Orla has a lavender undertone and quite a metallic color when apply to lips.
i personally doesn't like this color because its way to dark for my skin tone.
but i will definitely use this color for shading.

Thulian has the most watery texture and the most sheerest from all the series.
the first time i twist it, i thought that its spoilt already because the water and color pigment is come out separately.
but after rubbing it several time and keep twisting out the product, the color start to come out like it should be.
it has a red undertone and more matted finish from the rest of the color series.
because Thulian is so sheer,i personally use it as a second layer after using Paloma.
i personally like it better as an eyeshadow, because its giving a watery and natural look to my eyes

Paloma is my favorite color from all the flushed color series.
it has a orange-y undertone and metallic finish to it.
it also has the most freshest color from this series.
here is the comparison for all the three color starting from the left; Paloma-Thulian-Orla.

so thats all the colors that i bought at their pop up store in Pop On Plaza Indonesia
buying their products at their pop up store also has its own fun, because each of the purchases you make, you will be given merchandises such as post card, stickers and miror badge key chain.
i believe they open this pop store for two months, starting from 10 june 2017.

so that's it from now, will update any news if i decided to revisit their pop up store.


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