Monday, July 1, 2013 review : my first shoes purchase on zalora.

On celebrating Jakarta's annual day, had thrown a big sale called "festival Jakarta great sale 2013" on their website up to 70 % off, plus discount vouchers from time to time. the sale started on the 1st of June till 14th of July, AND of course i can't just let it passed by without participating on it.
So... i did buy a  pair of Nine West blonksy heels on black ( finally my first strappy shoes!! ) and pay only IDR 519.600, the original price for this shoes is IDR 1.200.000, quite happy with the price. I know some of you probably saying that its a last season item, or the price is the same (maybe) on Nine west store coz the shoes is also on sale on the actual store, but well, its just so much convenience to buy it online, what you need to do is just click away....
so here's the shoes that i bought, i'm quite happy with it, it looks so cute on my feet, and the string in the middle of the shoes stick perfectly on my feet, it doesn't go dangle or bend when i walk, with is a good point. the shoes really easy to wear, it doesn't hurt my feet at all, i can wear it all day and i can run on it without going wobbly and slip on the way. The down grade is, the shoes makes me look petite. maybe because the heels is not to high ( 10 cm), or because the strap at the top is below my ankle that makes my feet looks shorter ( i'm 158 cm by the way and my legs quite muscular). i prefer to wear it with pants or pleaded jeans more than wear it with a short skirt, because with long pants i could hide my big legs while creating an illusion that makes my legs looks longer.

here's the pic of the shoes on my left and right angles (sorry if the pics creep you up)

The delivery took 5-7 days to arrived which i think is quite slow, well i can't really complain because they don't charge me for the delivery fee (for java island and bali ) or maybe because they already are a very big online shop company that have thousand of customers and need to do the quality check prosedures etc. bottom line is the product that i receive is in good condition, period. one time i ordered another pair of nine west shoes, but after waiting 4 days, the zalora's staff informed me that the shoes i ordered is actually a rejected item and in no good condition, they even ask me to choose other product(s) to replace what i ordered before. i'm pissed of course but its better to change other product(s) than receiving a rejected item. the work of their customer service is quite fast and really helpful. so i'm really happy with their service and can't wait for my other purchase to arrive. also provides variety of payment methods; COD (Cash On Delivery), Credit Card, Bank Transfer, and also 0% installment for some of the Credit Cards (BII, Standard Chartered, ANZ etc). i chose payment by Credit Card coz is so much easier.

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