Tuesday, June 4, 2013

my newest purchase: Aldo silver peep toe 13 cm heels review

instead of sticking to my plan and buy a pair of ankle strap heels that i plan to buy for a long long time, i failed again and bought other type of shoes... but well.... maybe i just haven't found my perfect ankle strap heels.

Aldo is having a 50% more discount this month, and i can't just let it end without even buying a pair of their shoes, and really, its was a bargain!! the shoes that i bought originally priced Rp. 1.200.000/ pair but instead i only pay for Rp.630.000. i'm so happy!! i don't know when their sale gonna end, but if you live in indonesia, especially in Jakarta, i suggest you to check out the nearest Aldo store from your home. grab it fast girls!

this is my what i bought from Aldo (pardon the blurry image)

why i choose silver shoes? coz my designer ask me to buy a silver heels to match with the dress that i'm gonna wear for my brother's wedding, its a fuchsia dress with pearl and crystal beads on upper torso and on the skirt's slit.  i plan to post my dress on my blog soon after its finish. so you all could help me decide whether the shoes match with the dress. if it doesn't go well with the shoes i bought, well.. i just go shoe's shopping again, hooray!!

bottom line: after test wear it for 3 days, the shoes is easy to wear, its not wobbly and slippery, but.... the inside sole is really hard and if i wear it to walk for a long time, its hurting the front part of my feet. if i have to wear it for my brother's wedding and stand/ walk for a day long, i think i have to wear a band aid to  prevent having callous(s).

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