Saturday, April 13, 2013 (indonesian's online shop review)

15 juli 2013

so to fulfilled my first post berrybenka review promise to buy another pair of shoes and write about it. this time i made a new attempt and also bought a dress beside a pair of their shoes.

at first i have to make a really good decision on the dress, just like what i said on my first post, i've been disappointed many time when buying online clothes. so this time i really measure all the size precisely, and what i think is missing on their size description is the shoulder's length, torso's length and skirt length of the dress, because i have a petite figure with big belly (155 cm, 46 kg) i'm afraid that the dress will be to long on the torso and i will be parading my belly button (notice the dress is transparent on the belly's area).

so... after the item arrived, and i tried the dress on, i felt a huge relief, cos the dress fit perfectly, and i'm not parading my belly button (hahaha), i love the dress! i love how the colour of the dress actually making my skin looks fairer and the material is polyester so its a bit hot and thick if you wear it outside with no aircon on.

and the shoes.... i have no comment about it, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes! OMG, its so cute and fit perfectly on my feet, its also make my legs look longer, its so comfy and easy to walk on.  i tried it on with the dress that i bought and its looks cute together. berrybenka you didn't let me down, thank you!

please ignore my fat belly and tired face
Xaviera Oxford

chloe dress

first post

if i remember correctly, establised on 2012 in Indonesia. to tell you the truth first time knowing this online shop is because i was applying for the junior merchandiser position in their company ( i don't have any fashion background LOL,  and obviously was unsuccessful). anyway, from then on i keep coming back to their website to have a look at their products, but to scared to make a purchase, because i used to shop a lot in the chinese online shop and  was really unsatisfied with the quality of it when they arrived. so finally after thousand times viewing products, i make a brave attempt (LOL) to make my first purchase on their product.
here is my first purchase item, a glittery flat shoes

what really satisfying is their delivery service, its really really fast! i made an order in the afternoon, and its arrived the next morning (just like Christmas, you woke up in the morning and there's present for you, that kind of feeling). the shoes is really comfortable to wear, the box is cute, and its the right size. i think i'm gonna buy another pair of shoes after i got my paycheck! so all of you that lives in indonesia, make sure you have a look at their website. i loves their shoes, other products? not yet.

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