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B:Orelia spa kelapa gading review

front view

i've been spying on this place for so long, the first time i saw this place is when i walked through it to go and eat at ikkudo ramen gading walk. the reason why this place catch my eyes, is their grassy wall with big logo in the middle, the view gave me a feeling of peacefulness and luxury.

after that i saw their treatment promotion on disdus/groupon website, i bought it straight away, but haven't had the time to go here up until the voucher is expired *pity*.

curious beats me to death, i search through internet hoping that someone written about this place, none. but i found out about their website, and the contents of the website shows that they have many kind of treatments, start from: foot reflexology, massages, spa complete treatments, hair treatment, facial treatment,slimming treatment even waxing.

their unique aromatherapy candle massage oil
after seeing the content of the website, i found out that the treatment also unique, they use candle as their massage oil, wait.. candle? sound a bit kinky right..*LOL*. actually the candle their using is not a normal candle, but the one calls aromatherapy candle massage oil, is made from soy wax that have a soft texture and easily melted at a rather low temperature, they also says that it rich with vitamin E. sounds sooo interesting. after browsing through their spa package on their web, i decided to give a call, but yet again... due to their renovation, they doesn't accept customers after 5 PM.

long story short, fortunately, they post their promotion yet again at, and of course i bought it in an instant.

when i arrive the inside is quite petite, the reception area filled with the aromatherapy, the scent quite sour-ish, i don't really like it. there's no receptionist at the time of my arrival, so i need to call "mbak!", they quite busy that day, the reception seems like she was tidying the treatment bed when i called her.
reception area

Sweet Tamarind Welcome Drink 
Foot Bath Salt 
Body Candle Massage 
Extra Face Massage 
(original price IDR 225.000/ promotion price IDR 89.000)

i talk to much on the intro so i just gonna write the summaries of the treatment:

  • doesn't get the welcoming tamarind drink as promised
  • there's locker to put our belongings, and sandal to wear inside
  • communal toilet to get change into their paper undies, and given kimono to wear to the treatment's room
  • no private room
  • curtain separating the treatment beds
  • the therapist is really polite
  • the space is clean and calming with instrumental music
  • the place is quiet but when there's someone at the reception area you could hear them talking
  • the first sensation i got when the therapist applying the candle oil is lukewarm, it feels really good when your tired. expecially when they put the candle oil all along my back bone
  • the massage is really good
  • didn't massage my front torso ( belly and breast)
  • the face massage is spectacular, i dose off right away
  • no need for shower coz you supose to leave the candle oil at least for 4 hours for better absorption (vitamin E)

treatment's room/ bed divided by curtain
after the treatment i felt so sleepy and relax i almost open a wrong car that i though was my car * lucky no one looking* hihihi...
driving after the treatment is a bit dangerous because my head is still above the cloud, i can't really concentrate on the road. i think thats why they open their spa place inside mall area so people could sober up first after the treatment * just kidding*

* i wasn't able to take any pictures because i left my phone in the locker. so currently i just provided the pictures from their web*


Ok, so this is my second time coming to this place, they're are really on fire promoting their spa treatment at, and of course after a good experience i had here, i bought another voucher for their spa treatment. this time i chose their de-stressing body treatment.

Tamarind welcome drink
foot bath salt
body candle massage
hot stone massage
(original price IDR 250,000 promotion price IDR 109.000)

  • this time i do get their welcoming drink while i had my foot bath ritual
  • my therapist this time is more attentive
  • once again the massage skill is great
  • the stone massage is really..really..REALLY GOOD
  • this time the therapist did ask whether i want my tummy and head to be massage, of course i say YES!
  • the best part is definitely when the therapist rubs the warm stones on my body, all my tiredness evaporated right away
  • if you have an extra excess of gas on your body "masuk angin", this treatment will be perfect for you
  • i even got my farewell drink *hahaha...* really refreshing...
  • after the treatment, instead of feeling drowsing, i feel soooo refresh! i hope they will have another promotion for this type of treatment ;p
one thing that i wish they could provide in their shower room/changing room is a mirror... because i can't see how messy i look after going out from this place, instead i went to the nearby toilet near the apartment to check my appearance, and was so shock to see my hair is all over the place. aside from that, this place will be on my top spa service lists . keep up the good work..

*updated 2017*
unfortunately this place has closed down and i haven't heard any news they will open in other location.

Mall Kelapa Gading

Gading Walk Arcade no 38-40

 (Dibawah Apartment The Summit - 

Masuk dari Mal Kelapa Gading 5) 

Jakarta Utara

021 4587 5450 

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