Monday, May 22, 2017


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using vinegar as a hair rinsing has become popular lately.
it is believe that the ingredients contain in the vinegar could heal and repair all the problems in hair.
here is the list of what the vinegar can do to your hair
repair dull hair
cleanse and clarifying hair
add volume to curly hair
reduce frizz hair
detangle hair
remove dandruff
balance hair sebum
stimulate hair growth

but the problem with original vinegar is the strong smell and the hustle about adding water portion to soften the acid.
YVES ROGER shiny rinsing vinegar is one of the new invention of hair vinegar that not only smell good but also soft to the hair.
i've been using it for at least a week and from the first time i tried this product, i works better than my normal conditioner.
it leaves my hair soft and smooth, it also smells heavenly and the raspberry scents stay all day long on my hair.
i literary stop using my old conditioner and hair tonic all together, because this hair rinse vinegar works better that the two items combine.
as for creating the shiny looking hair, i couldn't see any drastic changes.
how to use:
after shampooing use it at your scalp and the end of your hair.
massage it for a while 
rinse with water till clean.

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