Monday, May 11, 2015

Traveling Japan: sakura picnic trip in kyoto day 3 (last day in kyoto)


It was our last day in Kyoto.

we packed our luggage and check out from the hostel. Then ask them to hold onto our luggage first.

Today we were planning to go to Philosopher's Walk by bike. We walked to the nearby bike rental that the hostel staffs recommended to us, while bringing the bike rental brochure from the hostel to get a 200 yen off.

It was around15 minutes walk from the hostel, and the walk was quite enjoyable. We encountered with beautiful flowers in front of someone's front porch and a small shrine with its beautiful sakura trees. We can't help to stopped for a while.

The rental bike at J-CYCLE is so much cheaper compare to the one in Arashiyama. It cost us 600 Yen after the 200 Yen discount voucher. 

We set the GPS on, and sett off to Philosopher's Walk. It was quite hard managing the way by bike, because sometimes we need to stopped for a while to check on the map.

One of my friend actually dropped his phone while checking the way on the phone GPS and cracked his phone edge. 

Its quite a long ride, when we arrived there. The place has a serene atmosphere, the weather is great and when the wind was blowing, it blows all the sakura petals. its literary raining sakura!!

I really recommend you to have a picnic experience here, but you could also try some of the cafes here. the menu variety is not much, most of them only serving their specialty food. Which is good because they only serve the best foods on their cafe.

I don't want to talk too much on this post, because really words can't really describe how beautiful the place is.

We went to different route on the way back to the rental bike, and found a pedestrian street with a great view on it. There's even people taking a traditional wedding pictures. We were so lucky to coincidentally found it.

After we returned the bike and went back to the hostel to get our luggages we head straight to the JR station and heads to Osaka.

We left Kyoto with no regret and grateful with everything we experiences there.Once again thank you Kyoto, it was a good one!!

Next City, here we come Osaka....

bike rental                   :   600 YEN
onigiri + drink              :   250 YEN
apple pie                     :   500 YEN
omurice stew + coffe   : 1,100 YEN
Train to Kyoto station  :    230 YEN
TOTAL                      : 2.680 YEN


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