Monday, June 5, 2017


Located at a little alley on jalan lao tze, pasar baru. this branch of taman sari royal heritage spa by mustika ratu is newly open on october 2016.
i actually discover this little heaven because they having a discount treatment vouchers on "myfave" app.
one treatment that catch  my eyes is their " royal aquamedic spa". i have no idea what is aquamedic treatment looks like, so i decided to have a go at it.
upon arriving at this place, i was dumbstruck that the place is larger than i imagined.
the staffs is friendly and immediately greeted me. it was really busy when i arrived there, but the staffs really attentive with each of the guests waiting there. 
i visit this place during ramadhan month and felt a bit sorry to be drinking the welcoming drink while others is fasting, they even provides cookies for the waiting guests to eat. 
so what exactly is aquamedic pool treatment?
little did i know that its actually a treatment for elderly that focusing on the strength of walking in the water, really good for those who had light stroke.
And guess what? Taman sari royal heritage spa only provided the aquamedic pool treatment at this location. no other branches has this pool, even on their main branch.
because i'm not and elderly and doesn't have a history of light stroke. the staff console me to just enjoy the pool like a Jacuzzi, which i gladly accept.

IDR 650.000 (idr 390.000 fave discount)
the treatment started with a foot bath then straight to full body and head massage (90 minutes). like in any of the well established spa places, the therapist massage quality is superb.
 i especially love the head and face massage, it really release tension and stress building up on my face, i instantly drifted to sleep and probably snoring with open mouth, i can't help it i feel so relaxed!

after massage, here comes the scrub, they didn't ask what kind of scrub i want at the beginning of treatment, but i quite like the scent of the scrub they using, i think its either frangipani or sandalwood.

after scrubbing all the dirt away from my body, i was ask to shower before jumping to the aquamedic pool. they do provides bathing suit for guest, but you could also bring your own if you like.
i was given one piece bathing suit and kimono to wear. the therapist help me bring my clothes downstairs because i suppose to shower again after done enjoying myself in the pool.
the water temperature is not as hot as normal hot jacuzzi suppose to be, well it is suppose to be a water walking exercise for elderly anyway so i think they set the temperature to match body temperature. the jet spray is really strong i could basically swim in one place if i want, but i don't think its appropriate.
 this aquamedic pool is a communal pool that people enjoy together. it also combine with manicure seating area so its a bit awkward to be bathing with people manicuring watching you
will i repurchase this package?
maybe not, because i prefer to try their other treatment that doesn't require moving out from the privacy of my treatment room.
overall it was a great experience and i had a great spa experience here.
do come and try for your own good, i do recommend this place for their decor and treatment qualities.
09.00-21.00 WIB
Jl. Lautze Raya No.12, RT.1/RW.10, Kartini, Sawah Besar, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10750

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